Teguh Aprianto turns to legal hackers

Teguh Aprianto turns to legal hackers

The WHO reportedly thought that the hobby of playing games could lead people to become legal hackers who are important for cybersecurity. This is what happened to Teguh Aprianto.

Teguh is now known as a cybersecurity consultant and practitioner. He is one of the people behind Ethical Hacker Indonesia, which was founded in 2017.

Ethical Hacker Indonesia is an association of para white hat pirates, namely hackers who work legally and in good faith. White hat hackers typically work in an organization, business, or freelance.

When present as a guest Kick Andy, Teguh admitted that he had absolutely no computer training. His expertise as a hacker is obtained by himself.

Teguh has enjoyed playing online games since he was a teenager. His favorite game at the time was Point Blank. “Thank goodness my mom is the type who doesn’t forbid it, but she can’t stand it either. So she do not worry his son wants What are you doing. I have time to play this fair game weekend. So from Saturday night to Sunday morning, “he said.

While playing he found other players who cheated using game cheats. It is a series of codes or programs that can help players win matches quickly. From there, Teguh got interested in skills coding.

coding to cheat the game he made not only used himself, but also sold. From there, Teguh, a teenager, was able to collect money. In fact, he can hack into an internet cafe account so that he doesn’t have to pay.

Teguh began to find a turning point when he learned of the case of a child who was arrested for reporting a company’s weakness website. He then founded a community for white hat pirates in order to provide information to the owners of sites which have vulnerabilities to be hacked.

Teguh also often expresses the importance of site protection and offers training programs coding and programming. Firmly also make a site Checkdata.com which aims to help the public discover and track their data breaches.

Teguh explained that there are three categories of hackers. So there are basically three. White black, same Grey. Grey he is grey. So you can be stubborn today and tomorrow you can law. Yes black, Yes, already, He is stubborn. It’s just a term, yes. Let’s go back to each person, ”he explained.

Teguh urges hackers to use their abilities for positive things. “Today, a lot of naughty children are arrested. Well summoned from there how to teach friends to use their abilities for positive things, ”added the man born in Jakarta.

In addition, he added, many companies currently need the services of hackers to strengthen cybersecurity. In this way, the legal hacker profession is already abounding. (* / M-1)


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