Supporting Automotive MSMEs, Pegadaian Launches Gade ST150 Custom Motorcycle

Supporting Automotive MSMEs, Pegadaian Launches Gade ST150 Custom Motorcycle

PT Pegadaian is supporting the increase in creativity of the country’s children in the automotive industry by launching a custom motorcycle The Gade ST150 during the Kustomfest 2021 event in the courtyard of the Salemba Pegadaian building on Friday 5/11. The event, which has taken place 10 times, has become a forum for motorcycle custom SMEs to show their creativity in modifying motorcycles, which is always a market trend that people are interested in.

To produce the custom motorcycle The Gade ST150, Pegadaian collaborated with one of the workshops in Yogyakarta, Retrosyndicate. Later, this motorcycle can be purchased by the public through Sharia Pawnshop’s motor vehicle finance program with various amenities such as affordable down payments, quick and easy quotes, and ease of service all over Indonesia.

PT CEO Pegadaian Kuswiyoto said the launch of The Gade ST150 custom motorcycle was a partnership effort while providing opportunities for MSMEs to grow and move forward. “The Gade Coffee & Gold by Pegadaian custom motorcycle product is a form of commitment to innovation that fosters the growth and development of customers’ businesses and the movement of the Indonesian economy. This event is expected to inspire MSMEs in the sector. automobile to continue to increase creativity and use the Pegadaian products as a financing solution. Motorcycle enthusiasts can use the automobile financing products at Pegadaian, “he said in an official statement on Saturday (6/11 ).

Kuswiyoto added that this is in line with the government’s program through the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs to encourage the birth of cooperatives with superior products that have national and global competitiveness. To make this custom bike, a Yogyakarta workshop was chosen, namely Retrosyndicate belonging to Yayack Priyo Wibowo. The basis of the bike was chosen by the Honda CB150 Verza which was converted to a Scrambler Tracker style. According to Yayack, the main design of this motorcycle is a versatile motorcycle that can be ridden in urban areas on a daily basis and is comfortable to take to remote areas with light off-road terrain contours but still has a stylish appearance.

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“This bike was made without much changing the basics from the standard structure to the plug and play concept, namely adding a custom kit involving friends from MPME. Yesterday’s pandemic season challenged us to manufacture products that can be mass produced while maintaining quality. ”he concluded. (OL-14)


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