PSSI Ketum reports alleged La Liga 2 match-fixing against Polda Metro Jaya

PSSI Ketum reports alleged La Liga 2 match-fixing against Polda Metro Jaya

PSSI PRESIDENT Mochamad Iriawan said he had submitted a report regarding the alleged match-fixing in the Ligue 2 match to the police on Saturday (6/11).

Iriawan was present with the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of the PSSI (Komdis), Erwin Tobing and the General Secretary of the PSSI, Yunus Nusi, to submit a report to the Polda Metro Jaya. His party hopes the police can help the investigation in Ligue 2.

The decision was taken by the Disciplinary Commission (Komdis) last Wednesday (3/11). At that point, she was immediately recommended for the next treatment, in which there were allegations of corruption to be handed over to the police, “Irawan said in an official statement to the PSSI office on Saturday (6/11) afternoon.

“Previously we sent a letter to Polda Metro Jaya regarding the PSSI request. This is to ask the police to follow up on this corruption allegation. We cannot prove it, later the police will be able to trace this. allegation, “he continued.

During the Komdis trial some time ago, the Irawan said there was new information obtained during the trial. Pursuing this responsibility, PSSI admits that it has no authority in the matter.

“Right from the start, Komdis gave a letter of recommendation, stating that it is up to the police to prove it. Because there is information that can be obtained during Komdis’ trial,” Irawan said.

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“It has to do with being contacted by multiple people using a ‘private number’. We don’t have the ability to go (investigate). Efforts to apply force are outside the scope of ‘application of the PSSI, if matters outside football fall under the authority of the police, “he added.

The Irawan hopes the police can quickly help and uncover the alleged corruption that has occurred in Ligue 2.

“So that later the Polda Metro Jaya can reveal the alleged corruption. We will await the results of the investigation. So that what has been a hot topic of discussion lately can be resolved immediately,” Irawan hoped.

Senior retired officer, Komjen Moch. The Irawan himself has revealed that since he was president of the PSSI, he does not tolerate cheating at the PSSI.

“We PSSI do not condone such acts. Since I became the president of PSSI. Several cases, like the arbitrator, have not found any significant error. Everything is still under ‘human error’, everything has been sanctioned. Then there are the players, the area is also considered difficult because it has been out of our reach and a lot, “said Irawan.

“We (PSSI) with all stakeholders, if there is an act of fraud, we can help investigate. If later the management exceeds our authority, then we can help through the police so that we may dismantle it, ”Irawan said. (OL -4)


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