Promoting equality in the right to worship in Jakarta, Anies inaugurates GKI Puri Indah

Promoting equality in the right to worship in Jakarta, Anies inaugurates GKI Puri Indah

DKI Jakarta Province GOVERNOR Anies Baswedan inaugurated the Indonesian Puri Indah Christian Church Taman Permata Buana in West Jakarta on Saturday (6/11). During the groundbreaking ceremony, which went off in a hybrid fashion, Anies first thanked all the parties who had played a role in establishing the church.

“Praise the presence of Almighty God who has given us health and comfort, so that today we can both witness the presence of an effort to maintain faith and maintain godliness in Jakarta. I congratulate everyone who works. In front of the podium there was one or two people waving, but behind there were hundreds to thousands of people working on the construction of this church. We are at GKI today to carry a message to all places that today there will be a sower of peace and shadow for Jakarta and Indonesia ”, said Anies, Saturday (6/11) .

Anies said Jakarta is the crux of the meeting of all elements of this nation. He said that some time ago this nation commemorated the Youth Engagement which was an event on the way to becoming Indonesia, where there was a great agreement that made us a union called Indonesia. , with the aim of achieving true independence marked by the presence of social justice for all Indonesians.

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“The Indonesian nation is not a mixture of various elements, but a compound. It means that all existing elements interact to new elements, and the unity agreed by Indonesia is not a unity of origin, but a unity of purpose, why are we united? Because, we want to achieve a true independence which is marked by the presence of social justice for all Indonesians, which makes us feel equality there, “he added.

In her remarks, Anies also explained that the provincial government of DKI Jakarta has always been committed to striving for justice and equality, including equality to gain the right to pray in peace and comfort.

“So if we look at diversity in diversity, Bhinneka is a gift from God, whereas being single is our endeavor and what is happening in this place is to show the unity of Indonesia, where we feel l equality, solidarity and what we need to continue to encourage that we all desire to maintain. And, I have to say, the sense of oneness must be maintained by ensuring justice, equality, equality opportunities and this is our (provincial) commitment in Jakarta, ”he explained.

In addition, Anies also appreciated that GKI Puri Indah thought of the concept of an environmentally friendly building, while providing benefits for the surrounding environment, such as providing a useful underground storage pool in case flooding in the area.

“We advise, as a church inaugurated in 2021, to look at this from a long-term perspective, so that it can make our children and grandchildren say that the generations before us have thought about the concept of a future. eco-friendly building, so we appreciate this church that fulfills that. In addition, this church also has environmental benefits, when disaster strikes, this church can be present to play a role, “he said. -he declares.

GKI Puri Indah was built on a land of social and public facilities which has been leased by the provincial government of DKI Jakarta since September 2014, the term of the lease being extended until September 2024 by a decree of the governor of DKI Jakarta signed by Governor Anies on April 9. , 2019. In the meantime, the Building Establishment Permit (IMB) for the GKI Puri Indah building was issued on May 26, 2017 and the GKI Puri Indah building obtained the Certificate of Functionality (SLF) on January 7, 2021. (OL -4)


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