Between utopia, fantasy and reality

TO LISTEN Poetry reading is common in this country. Collaboration between poets, officials and literary connoisseurs to recite verses of poetry has been common since the establishment of this Republic. But what about the poetry auction?

The business of professional poetry auctioning is still new. In fact, for most people it can be unusual. In fact, poetry auctions are no different from vintage car auctions and painting auctions.

Can a poem be auctioned? To answer them, we can make choices. Can be “yes” or “no”. Depending on the purpose of the poem being auctioned, the element of the inherent human side and the aesthetic value contained for the buyer’s gaze.

If a poem is attractively illustrated and framed, and then exhibited in galleries and museums, the poem automatically has interpretive value. On the other hand, if they are displayed in stores and auction houses, poetry has a market value.

Poetry contains aesthetic, philosophical, idealistic elements. However, it has unlimited resale value. This means that poetry can be auctioned off and traded. Again, depending on who the organizers and potential buyers.

In the age of information disclosure, the impact of globalization is forcing literary workers to think creatively, rigorously and focused. Accept Western influence (accidental), but always favors oriental values ​​(Oriental).

Poetry has its own “way of life”. It will always be tucked away in the crown of every reader who loves it. Poetry is written, read and preserved as part of the culture of a civilized nation. If a country without poetry then there is no heart there.

Towards a post-contemporary poetry

It’s undeniable, at the height of the 2021 Language and Literature Festival celebration titled True Indonesia at the Grand Studio Metro TV, in West Jakarta, last Friday (10/29), six national poets submitted their poems for auction at the poetry auction. it continues hybrid.

The Six Poets Poetry Auction is the starting point for a look at future civilizations. Each poet gave a shared message in the form of humanitarian activities that the results of the poetry auction were attributed to orphans who were victims of COVID-19.

The six poets; Remy Sylado, Joko Pinurbo, Acep Zamzam Noor, Inggit Putria Marga, Sihar Ramses Simatupang and myself. Overall, Remy was seriously ill, but still thought about poetry.

Daily report Indonesian media the next day, Saturday (10/30), very viral in cyberspace. Reduced its cover on the main page titled “I Hear Another Voice,” which is none other than Remy’s latest poem.

The idea for the poetry auction in this festival originally came from friends marketing and advertising in the Media group. That’s why it was prepared in a flash. Everything about the auction should be legal, professional, transparent and with integrity.

Not surprisingly, several professional auction houses were invited and involved as consultants. The objective is to obtain information on the legality in terms of laws and permits.

Some of the professional auction houses invited to chat are those involved in fine art. However, poetry auctions for them were not new. It becomes a challenge in the process of reaching the top of the event later on.

As a culturologist, I have been asked to get involved. Associate Editor Indonesian media Ade Alawi contacted me. In essence, how to bring a new atmosphere of Indonesian poetry.

I lived in Moscow, Russia, for over five years, with writers, fine art thinkers, literary critics, literary readers, and academics. It opened up my paradigm and my perception of thought.

If you apply the management of your works well, there will be no poor poets and painters in this Republic. They can concentrate on their work without thinking about the smoke in the kitchen.

Even though I lived in Russia, communication with famous literary figures of the country at that time was still intense. To name just two names, namely Remy and Acep. Their work is recognized internationally.

Communication with the two authors has always been good. By the way, Acep’s first child, Rebana Adawiyah, is a masters student in Russia in 2015. Now Rebana has graduated.

Russia, to me, was previously a closed, haunted, communist country. Western media propaganda is so strong it settles in your mind. However, conditions were reversed at 160 degrees. Russia today is a country of consumption and commerce, and respects the merits of poets.

When my poems passed the “Taburetka” International Poetry Festival in Monchegorsk, Murmansk, in August 2017, for example, I used the Moscow-Murmansk train, a distance of 1488 kilometers. On the train, people were looking at me strangely.

However, once the conversation was established, they were friendly and said hello. We got closer on the train, they even offered lunch and dinner together. Folk menu, bread, cheese and Kolbasa (a type of meat that is open, the shape is oval and elongated).

Now, towards the post-contemporary era as a period of a future era, poetry auctions in Indonesia must be familiarized. Because the purpose of the auction itself is for humanity.

In the traditional Batak community, for example, “choral song auctions” still take place at every Christmas celebration. From a cultural perspective, the auction actually happened because there were buyers, auctioned items (tangible and intangible) and auctioneers as bidders.

Of course, each tribe in this country has its own way of being a cultural heritage. There are philosophical values, moral messages and the human side. This is reality, not a utopia or a fantasy.

In European culture, auctions of paintings, auctions of poets’ writings and art auctions are part of their cultural civilization. Done neatly, compactly and sells well.

Not only in Russia, but also in the Netherlands and France. Indeed, their literary culture is strong. Especially by appreciating the services of artists and writers as part of the identity of the nation.

Statues of AS Pushkin, for example, can be found in all cities of Russia. Pushkin is the father of Russian literature. His name seemed to have turned into a “human god” that the whole community there remembered and worshiped.

Pupils from primary to foreign students are required to read Pushkin’s works. Literary poems of mixed Afro-Russian blood are featured in textbooks year after year.

Now the poetry auction is over Media group in the context of humanitarian activities. With a number of fellow academics, writers, literary critics and art watchers, I chatted.

There is a common thread in the poetry auction business. First of all, handwriting framed using picture frames has become an object of visual art. It has changed its function, from poetry to artefacts.

Second, poetry auction as a first step to stimulate the genius of poets to present the best work, masterpiece be put up for auction. As to who third, poetry auction activities are the same as painting auctions.

When I heard and experienced these three things, I thought that in fact a poem has magic. Poetry was written, read and remembered a thousand years in the future. Poems written for humanitarian purposes have had a noble impact on many people.

This auction of poetry in the Republic is no longer a utopia and a fantasy. Obviously, the works of six poets were purchased by people of noble and good hearts. Because each poem contains the breath of Indonesia, of divinity and of humanity.

If you want to change the welfare of poets in this country, change the way of thinking, not the way of selling. If poetry books don’t sell in bookstores, poetry auctions are an option because poetry is the door to happiness.

Iwan Jacobiah,
Nanny ‘Kofe Rhymes’


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