PPKM level 2, not all entertainment places in Tangsel can work

PPKM level 2, not all entertainment places in Tangsel can work

CITY of South Tangerang (Tangsel) Banten still applies level two in the implementation of the implementation of community activity restrictions (PPKM). As a result, not all entertainment venues were able to function as usual.

The mayor of southern Tangerang, Benyamin Davnie, said the implementation of the level two provisions is still the same as that of the PPKM during the previous period. So not much has changed.

“Likewise, some places of entertainment have not been able to carry out their activities as usual,” Benjamin told reporters on Friday (6/11) adding that this had been done in order to suppress the transmission of the Covid-pandemic. 19.

Meanwhile, for the other arrangements such as eating places or restaurants, indoor sports facilities and the like are still the same as before, that is, the allowed indoor quota is 50 percent.

Plt. The head of the South Tangerang Tourism Board, Heru Agus, explained that according to the regulations in force, his party would oversee the entertainment venues that still could not function.

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Meanwhile, the open service area can operate from 5:30 a.m. WIB to 10 p.m. WIB, with a maximum catering capacity of 50%, a table for up to two people, and the implementation of strict sanitary protocols and screening. visitors using the Care for Protect app or the self-assessment. .

Once confirmed by Media Indonesia, what types of entertainment venues were not allowed, Heru said karaoke, spa and massage houses were not allowed to open.

“Besides places are allowed to open like cinemas and the like, as long as they follow the procedure, opening hours and capacity can work, this must also be in accordance with the SE of the mayor and technically regulated in the SE from the Tourist Board, ‚ÄĚHeru Agus concluded in response to Media Indonesia.

Vaccination in southern Tangerang is known to have reached 78 percent. Then, the recovery rate in southern Tangerang city reached 97 percent. The rate of compliance with Covid-19 regulations reaches 88.6% (OL-7)


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