Pay attention to the speed of the car as a family

Pay attention to the speed of the car as a family

Director of TRAINING at Safety Defensive Consultant Indonesia (SDCI), Sony Susmana, said drivers bringing young children should always pay attention to the speed of the vehicle they are carrying for the safety of the child in the vehicle. .

“When there are young children, the ideal speed is 60-80 km / h,” Sony Susmana said, quoted by LKBN Antara, Friday (11/5)

In addition, children are also required to sit in their car seat or child seat and the most important thing for mutual safety is the use of seat belts which should be used by all passengers in the vehicle without exception.

“Small children should sit in the child seat and all passengers should use a seat belt without exception and this position should be seated even when sleeping or when tired,” he said. .

The speed that must be maintained by the driver also ensures the safety of all passengers on board. Even if the road is empty, that doesn’t mean you can press the gas deeper without thinking about the people there.

The use of seat belts has also been regulated by Law No. 22 of 2009 in Article 106, paragraph 6, which states that drivers and passengers of cars which are next to the driver are required to use seat belts.

If it is later found that he does not comply with the regulations that have been established, the owner of the vehicle will be liable to a fine of up to one month’s imprisonment or a fine of IDR 250,000. (OL-13)

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