Jakarta Still Floods, DKI Deputy Governor Says Weather Cannot Be Controlled

Jakarta Still Floods, DKI Deputy Governor Says Weather Cannot Be Controlled

DKI Jakarta deputy governor Ahmad Riza Patria said his party had prepared for this year’s rainy season, which is expected to peak in January.

The man colloquially known as Ariza is making sure that preparations for this year’s rainy season are better prepared than in previous years.

However, the man who is familiarly known as Ariza said that with the great preparation of the DKI Jakarta provincial government, the public is always advised for the worst, namely flooding because the Meteorology, Climatology and geophysics (BMKG) said this year the rainy season will be marked by heavy rains, more intense due to the impact of La Nina.

“There is a plan, the logistics post is ready, everything is ready, circulars are also available. But the floods, water discharges and weather conditions are out of our control. BMKG’s said that the release would be extraordinary, ”he said on Thursday. (4/11) night.

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Preparations will also continue to be led by the DKI provincial government along with other parties such as TNI-Polri agents, private volunteers and others. A positive synergy is also achieved with the community so that they always clean the environment and be ready in the event of a flood.

In addition, there are still several flood control projects in Jakarta that have not been completed, such as the normalization of rivers, the drains of the Ciliwung River and the construction of sea dikes.

“The intensity of the rains continues to increase. We still have limited funding. We need significant funds for flood control, but that doesn’t mean we are not standing by. We are collaborating with all of them. the parties, with the community, we create positive synergies, ”he concluded. (OL-4)


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