IDR 98 billion luxury toilet manufacturing, Bekasi regency DPRD vice president reviewed by KPK

IDR 98 billion luxury toilet manufacturing, Bekasi regency DPRD vice president reviewed by KPK

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) conducted a review of Bekasi Regency DPRD Vice-President Soleman. The exam, which took place on Thursday (4/11), lasted seven hours. The inspection was carried out in connection with the purchase of a luxury toilet worth 98 billion rupees.

Soleman, who is also a representative of the PDI-Perjuangan faction at the Bekasi Regency DPRD, said the proposal for the purchase of toilets came from the official office. He only discusses the budget until he hits the hammer.

The significant amount of funding would be to build 488 toilets in schools in the Bekasi regency. So why the purchase price is so high, he did not disclose. This of course invites anti-racist agencies to investigate.

“Previously, the issue was related to the budgeting process. All budgeting comes from the district government office,” said Soleman, who was caught stepping out of the KPK building.

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Previously, Soleman’s name was not on the Thursday exam schedule. However, the KPK summoned and questioned the vice-president of the DPRD of the Bekasi Regency in his capacity as investigator. He came alone and it’s the fulfillment of the call for the first luxury toiletry bag review.

In the case of this luxury toilet, it is in the spotlight of many evenings because it was built with a sufficiently large budget. Especially in the event of a pandemic. If it is detailed in more detail, out of the total of 488 toilets to be built, it means that each toilet is allocated a fund of Rp 200 million. With this amount of funds, it is estimated that they can build houses or fight against poverty in the region of the Bekasi regency.

This is not the first time that the KPK has investigated Soleman. In 2019, he was investigated in a case of alleged corruption in the licensing of the Meikarta Development Project (OL-4)


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