DKI provincial government begins to allow karaoke venues to open

DKI provincial government begins to allow karaoke venues to open

The central government finally agreed to open a karaoke sector in Jakarta. However, the head of the entertainment and leisure supervision section of the tourism and creative economy department of DKI Jakarta (Parekraf), Iffan, said the opening was still only a try.

“Yes, the trial begins today,” Iffan said when contacted on Friday (11/5).

A total of 62 karaoke companies have started to open in this trial phase. Iffan confirmed that they had followed the requirements of the sanitary protocol and were verified by a team from the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency with the central government.

“That’s right, yesterday we did a test, we tested the feasibility to see if they are ready or not,” he said.

The verification was also carried out with the DKI Jakarta Health Office and the DKI Jakarta Satpol PP.

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On the other hand, if there are other karaoke shops that wish to open, the manager must submit a proposal to the DKI Parekraf Service and his party will check the sanitary protocol as in the 62 shops that have been operating.

In SE Dinas Parekraf n ° 291 / SE / 2021 there are conditions that must be observed by the manager, in particular the capacity of the karaoke room is only 50% and the total number of visitors is only 25% of the capacity of the workplace.

All company employees without exception must have been vaccinated against COVID-19, be in good health and use strict health protocols. The circular is valid until November 15. (OL-4)


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