Banned by Malaysia due to taxes, Saddil successfully returned to Indonesia

Banned by Malaysia due to taxes, Saddil successfully returned to Indonesia

PSSI appreciates and thanks the Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) Zainudin Amali and the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) in Malaysia for the assistance given to the player Saddil Ramdani.

As we know, Saddil Ramdani struggled to return from Malaysia to Indonesia. He was not allowed to return home by Malaysian immigration authorities. This is because Saddil has unpaid taxes from his former club, Pahang FA (now Sri Pahang FC).

“We thank the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Hermono (Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia) and the entire Indonesian Embassy and Consulate General in Malaysia who assisted Saddil Ramdani’s return. a valuable lesson for all of us, ”said General PSSI. President Mochamad Iriawan.

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“PSSI hopes that Indonesian players who play abroad will be more careful, including understanding and reading the contents of the contract before making a deal with the club. In addition, it is a tax issue,” he said. -he adds.

Saddil Ramdani is currently in Indonesia. He flew to Jakarta on Thursday (4/11) yesterday. Currently, the 22-year-old further strengthens the club Sabah FC.

But now Saddil is recovering from the injury he suffered while playing in the Malaysian League. He wants to speed up his recovery in the country and hopes to strengthen the Indonesian national team in the near future. (OL-4)


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