Police appraisal, South Tangerang BPN asks for land certificate counterfeiters

Police appraisal, South Tangerang BPN asks for land certificate counterfeiters

Police at the South Tangerang Resort (Polres Tangsel) succeeded in apprehending the authors of land certificate forgeries last week.

In this regard, the head of the land office / BPN Tangsel, Harison Mocodompis, expressed his appreciation and called for land certificate counterfeiters that harm the community to be eradicated.

“We express our gratitude and high appreciation to the Indonesian Police, especially the South Tangerang Police Force for successfully uncovering and arresting certificate counterfeiters who have harmed the public and related parties,” said Harison Mocodompis. at Media Indonesia in southern Tangerang, Thursday, February 4. / 11).

As noted, the authors are believed to have participated or jointly in the making and use of alleged forged certificates intended to be mortgaged to other parties for profit.

The case came to light after information from community members received a mortgage on a certificate of ownership in Mr. Y’s name valued at Rs 60million with allegedly bogus collateral.

In addition, an investigation was carried out verifying the certificate which was guaranteed after verification with the BPN South Jakarta Municipal Office, it turned out that the Certificate of Ownership (SHM) was not issued by the BPN.

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In addition, the suspect MP, a housewife, also promised the same SHM on behalf of MY to another victim worth Rp 70 million.

Harison stressed that the group of certificate forgers must be completely eradicated as they can be part of the land mafia which disrupts the community and harms the community as the recipient of land services and the government in this case the Ministry of ATR / BPN in the exercise of their duties and functions.

“We invite the public to learn more about all the modus operandi of these counterfeiters and to prevent potential counterfeits by checking directly with the Land Office if they will carry out the process of transferring land rights or other services in the sector. land, ”says Harison.

Tangsel land office is said to provide land office services to land office, public service shopping malls prepared by South Tangerang city government as well as consultation and complaints services directly or through sultantangsel portal. id which offers the possibility for the public to meet. face to face online which is available in the service portal.

We hope that the community will be able to take advantage of all these facilities for their needs.

“The ATR / BPN Department stands ready to provide service based on the values ​​of service, being professional and reliable,” said Harison, who was formerly public relations manager for the ATR / BPN central department (OL-7 ).


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