More and more Korean cosmetics are present in Indonesia, Now Face Republic

More and more Korean cosmetics are present in Indonesia, Now Face Republic

The Korean wave phenomenon, especially K-Beauty in Indonesia, which is unique and has the potential to make many Korean skin care brands compete to try their luck in expanding the market in our country, moreover, it The cosmetics industry is proven to be an industry that is actually growing rapidly and increased by 70% precisely during a global pandemic. Indonesian society, especially women, seems to have been educated to perform routine skin care. To quote Euromonitor, Indonesia’s skin care market is estimated to be close to US $ 6 billion in 2019 and could reach US $ 8 billion in 2022.

Amid increasingly fierce competition in the industry, local and imported brands are striving to attract well-known Korean stars who are said to be able to control the popularity of their skin care brands. . Indeed, the presence of these brand ambassadors is very important in building trust in the brand.

This fact has become a valuable lesson for a South Korean skin care brand, Face Republic, which is relatively new but its products have grown rapidly and have gone viral in several countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Japan. Face Republic adheres to the “Customer-Centric” belief and tries to understand who its customers are and what they really need or expect. Through extensive research, Face Republic tries to formulate easy-to-understand skincare steps that should become habits of customers.

“There are so many skin care products out there that offer a lot to customers, so customers are confused even buying dual products that actually have the same function. At Face Republic, we offer 4 lines, namely: the hydro line, the glow line, the calming line and the blooming line, customers who choose to achieve which skin goal “, explained Yohan Kim, CEO of Face Republic who started building their brand in 2017, during a virtual press conference yesterday.

Finally, in 2019, Face Republic CEO Yohan Kim, through his business partner, Hanzel Lim, met up with Calvin Jeremy, an Indonesian actor and singer, who is currently completing his Masters at the Asian Institute of Management, Philippines. Yohan was looking for a partner to expand Face Republic in Indonesia. Long story short, Calvin Jeremy finally introduced Yohan Kim and Hanzel Lim to his sister, Cecille Christophia, who Yohan Kim then trusted to bring the Face Republic brand to Indonesia.

Calvin Jeremy has convinced Yohan Lim and his partner that his brother, who is also a businessman and has helped his career, is the right person and very persevering to help Yohan build the Face Republic brand in Indonesia. Until finally, Face Republic is now present in Indonesia and imported by PT. Cecille George Internasional, and after going through a long process, he got a notification letter or a BPOM permit, and now it can be purchased online at the market store.

One of the top quality products currently marketed in Indonesia is Hydro Line, namely Hydro Boost Serum and Hydro Barrier Ceramide Cream for dry and sensitive skin, and Glow Line, namely Vita Capsule Luminous Serum and Vita Glow Toning Cream for dry and sensitive skin. dull skin and complexion. unequal. In addition, the Calming Line and Blooming Line ranges will be released in Indonesia at the end of 2021.

Containing ingredients that are safe and gentle on the skin, a hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, paraben-free, zero-ethanol formula is Face Republic’s philosophy for naturally beautiful facial skin. As a brand owner, Yohan Kim created the slogan that beauty cannot be defined by anyone. True beauty can only be achieved by loving yourself and admiring yourself for who you are. Face Republic will help orient you, not only by rediscovering the skin goals you want to achieve, but also maximizing your version of natural beauty. Find your true beauty on Face Republic. (OL-12)


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