List of candidates for the head of HIPMI Central Jakarta, Age Promises Synergy

List of candidates for the head of HIPMI Central Jakarta, Age Promises Synergy

At 49 years old, the Indonesian Association of Young Entrepreneurs (HIPMI) continues to improve and continue its tradition of reorganization based on the spirit of promoting entrepreneurship among young people. This year, BPD HIPMI Jaya also implemented a tradition of reorganization by electing the General Chairman and Trustees of BPC HIPMI Central Jakarta for the next 3-year period.

Musyarif Agil Gozany, one of the youngest members of HIPMI who is now Head of Section 4 of Central Jakarta HIPMI BPC, is running to become the Regional General President of Central Jakarta.

Faced with the difficult challenges of the national and even global economic situation, Age, as he is known, is determined that entrepreneurs in the HIPMI zone of central Jakarta can fully benefit from HIPMI.

Entrepreneurial experience (jewelry business in Jakarta, property in Depok and Bogor, cattle ranching in Yogyakarta and shrimp ponds in Pariaman, West Sumatra and guesthouses in Fatmawati, Jakarta) and his organization (secretary for the membership of REI DKI and since 2016 member and leadership of HIPMI DKI Central Jakarta), Age is firmly committed to continuing to work and fight to ensure organizational justice, consistency of full procedures and the provision of communication Extended bidirectional, both between members of HIPMI Central Jakarta and with HIPMI Jaya.

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Age will also lead and encourage HIPMI executives to be able to adapt to changing times, continue to create synergies between entrepreneurs and government in the development of the region, and encourage executives to scale up networks to restore the community economy during and after the pandemic by helping to promote the products of fellow entrepreneurs, as well as seeing all the potential opportunities and business development, at least in the central Jakarta region.

“The process of advancement as General President of Central Jakarta HIPMI BPC started last May by creating synergy and very intense collaboration with the seniors and the team of candidates for the post of President of BPD HIPMI Jaya, Sona Maesana , in establishing various HIPMI Jaya work programs and integrity pacts. to implement and make them happen. together until the end of their term in 2024, ”Age said.

“With the principle of humility of always opening the door to contributions from the elderly and other members, consistent, trustworthy and righteous, I am ready and able to accept and continue to lead at BPC HIPMI Central Jakarta until in 2024, and to bring HIPMI Central Jakarta as an integral part of the vision and mission of BPD HIPMI Jaya, regardless of the leader of BPD HIPMI Jaya ”, he concluded. (RO / OL-7 )


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