DKI Health Office anticipates third wave of Covid-19

DKI Health Office anticipates third wave of Covid-19

The DKI Jakarta Health Service has taken a number of steps to anticipate the emergence of a third wave of COVID-19 cases following the Christmas and New Year (Nataru) holidays.

Because, in the mirror since the beginning of this year in Indonesia, the first wave of cases has increased due to Nataru’s Day where in January there was an increase in cases and the peak of February 4 there were 26 000 active cases of Covid-19 in Jakarta.

DKI Jakarta Health Office’s head of disease prevention and control (P2P), Dwi Oktavia, said a number of steps have been taken to anticipate the third wave.

“Thus, the anticipation of the presence of the third wave and other waves must be maintained so that the public is constantly reminded about health protocols and vaccinations,” Dwi said when contacted. , Wednesday (3/11).

The way to increase the coverage of the Covid-19 vaccine is to increase the frequency of vaccination services at night. Currently, in each sub-district, several places are planned for afternoon to evening vaccinations.

His party has also pursued transparency of data on cases and treatment of COVID-19 carried out by the provincial government DKI Jakarta. Through the transparency of data, all parties can also see the situation, including the trend of highs and lows of cases, so that they can provide information to the DKI provincial government.

“We also continue to send samples for genome sequencing, yes, whole genome sequencing to see any new variants that come in. Then, of course, with sample criteria for genome examination,” he explained.

Finally, all parties must continue to remember that health protocols must always be applied. Indonesia and the world at large have not emerged from Covid-19 pandemic status

“People need to be reminded to keep wearing masks because wearing a mask will prevent the virus from entering. It’s like eating, you can’t put a spoon in your mouth,” he said. declared. (Put / OL-09)


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