Depression due to family problems, young people in West Jakarta Suicide

Depression due to family problems, young people in West Jakarta Suicide

A young man with the initials PC bin PA (23) residing at Jalan H Saa’ba Perum Mawar, Joglo Village, Kembangan, West Jakarta, was found dead in an apartment in Cengkareng district on the 7th floor of D6 block, Duri Kosambi Village, Cengkareng District, West Jakarta, Wednesday (3/11 nights.

Cengkareng Police Chief AKP Endah Pusparini confirmed the discovery of the body.

“Yes, it is true that a young man with the initials PC bin PA (23 years old) was found dead after suicide in an apartment in the thorn kosambi district of Cengkareng, west Jakarta,” he said. declared Endah, Thursday 4/11).

Meanwhile, said the head of the Cengkareng Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Iptu Tri Baskoro Bintang Wijaya, the victim was found lying on a bed.

“The victim was supine, the victim’s head was covered with plastic and a gas pipe,” Bintang said.

The reason for the suicide is suspected to be due to frequent disagreements with his family.

Even though both parents of the victim live in the Kembangan area, west of Jakarta, but because they do not get along, the victim lives alone in the apartment.

“So indeed the victim did not get along with his parents, who were often argued, so he chose to live alone in the apartment,” he said.

Before committing suicide, the victim sent a chat message to his mother in English, namely ‘mam if you understand that i’m already dead, i committed suicide, suice note is near my bed’.

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The victim’s father who received the message from his wife immediately rushed into the bedroom of the victim’s apartment and at that time the bedroom door was not locked.

After opening the apartment door, the victim’s father was shocked because the victim had died in his room.

Then the victim’s father asked the officers at the apartment to help him contact the police.

After receiving the report, security forces contacted Cengkareng police.

According to his father’s statement, Bintang continued, that his son had studied at Bandung University for seven years but had not graduated.

Finally, the son asked for a coffee business capital, but his father asked PC to focus on finishing his studies first.

This is what allegedly caused the victim to become depressed and choose to end her life in an apartment room.

“The family refused to perform an autopsy and there was no sign of violence on the victim’s body,” he said. (OL-7)


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