These are the popular horror podcast recommendations on Spotify

These are the popular horror podcast recommendations on Spotify

Horror content still has fans every now and then. Nowadays, with the development of entertainment models, horror stories can no longer be enjoyed only through movies or movies. reality show.

Horror content is currently also widely available in the form of audio or podcasts. Spotify become one of the platforms which have a lot of horror content. The horror content featured also varies, ranging from ghost stories based on true stories to crime stories that are no less spooky.

Here are recommendations for horror-inspired podcasts you can enjoy on Spotify.

Podcast 1.Kliwon Night

The Kliwon Night Podcast (PMK) is one of the most popular horror accounts on Spotify. This podcast contains horror stories based on the real experiences of many people. The story is read by two unique animators who always insert humor amidst the tension when the story is read.

2.Do you see what I see

This podcast is almost always perched at the top of the podcast rankings on Spotify. In Do You See What I See, horror stories are presented by storytellers in audio form. Therefore, in each story, the nuances that appear will also vary. Listeners can also contribute to stories by sending voice recordings telling the account owner a horror story. When the story is played, there will be sound effects which will make the atmosphere more tense.

3.Podcast Horror Night Story

This podcast contains horror stories read by the host in a calm and mysterious storytelling style. The Horror Night Story podcast is perfect to listen to before bed or as a lullaby.

4. Horror story of the sacred Riana

This is a horror podcast hosted by Riana. She is the second winner of The Mentalist event and a nominee for Asia’s Got Talent 2017. Riana is famous for her mysterious impression which always shows up in every one of her appearances on stage.

5. Disappear

For those of you who are fans of horror stories that aren’t about ghosts, this podcast may be an interesting choice. Vanish contains true stories of criminal events in Indonesia. The story is told with an interesting narration like a radio play. (M-4)


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