Persib determined to sweep away second-series victory in Ligue 1

Persib determined to sweep away second-series victory in Ligue 1

PERSIB Bandung have the ambition to wipe out the second round of BRI Liga 1 2021/2022 with a victory. Persela Lamongan will be the last opponent of the second series which will take place on Thursday (4/11). In the previous four matches of the second series, Persib has managed to win in a row. Robert Alberts’ side are also unbeaten for 10 games this season with six wins and four draws.

Maung Bandung – Persib’s nickname – is currently in second place with 22 points, 3 points behind Bhayangkara FC in the lead. Robert Alberts is optimistic that his team can return to achieving optimal results. “We are always optimistic. In football you can win, draw or lose. But so far we have done well in 10 games. We are looking forward to the game against Persela,” said Robert Alberts, quoted as saying. by the official website of the club.

Currently, the coaching staff continues to try to maintain the mentality of the players. The coach, who is usually called René, explained that it was not easy for the players to get through the competition this season.

“It’s not easy for the players to always be in the hotel and away from their families. One thing that needs to be stressed is that the mentality will always be part of the game,” said the Dutch coach.

Persib Bandung’s front line was refined in the second round. The success of Ezra Walian, Wander Luiz and Geoffrey Castillion in scoring goals made the competition on the Persib frontlines even tighter.

Persib’s achievements in the second set made coach Robert Alberts optimistic that his side would be able to beat Persela in the closing game of the second set.

“We can maintain a winning streak with good substitutions. Everyone who comes into the game contributes and improves the performance of the team,” said Robert.

On the other hand, Persela Lamongan faces the closing match of the second league series with a challenge that is not easy. Especially if they have to deal with the record of Persib Bandung, which so far has not been affected by defeat. Laskar Joko Tingkir – Persela’s nickname – is expected to bolster the line of defense to stem the tide of enemy attacks, while relying on a rapid counterattack pattern.

As in previous matches, Persela should always rely on her young players. Persela coach Iwan Setiawan should be able to maximize the potential of Riyatno Abiyoso and Malik Risaldi.

“I always convey to young players that you always stay humble. So don’t be complacent. Likewise, our young players like Abi (Riyatno Abiyoso) and Malik (Risaldi). I think there is a need to improve forever study and learn, ”Iwan said. (OL-8)


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