Brio Virtual Drift Challenge in competition in the city of Surabaya

Brio Virtual Drift Challenge in competition in the city of Surabaya

AFTER having successfully organized the first Brio Virtual Drift Challenge (BVDC) 2 series last October, PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) will immediately continue the second series which will use the track with in the background Tugu Pahlawan, Surabaya from November 3-9 2021. Ten participants with a record for the fastest time will receive a cash prize totaling IDR 8,550,000 as well as exclusive Honda merchandise.

“After successfully hosting the first round last month, Honda will start the second round at the beginning of this month to bring the spirit of ‘Everyone Can Race’, where at BVDC 2 other participants will be able to experience the feel of the slalom even if only from home. Participants who did not succeed in the previous series still have a chance in this series to get attractive prices from us. ” HPM director of business innovation and sales and marketing Yusak Billy said Wednesday (3/11).

In this competition, participants must perform a slalom attraction using the Honda Brio of their choice. Players may also have the option of earning additional points which will be accumulated to help reduce late-game time savings.

Using more complicated and challenging tracks than the usual game mode, participants will have 10 times each chance to achieve their best time which will be recorded on ranking. This contest is open to the public who are at least 17 years old and using 1 account domiciled in all cities of Indonesia.

To participate in this competition, participants must download the Brio Virtual Drift Challenge 2 game application on their device mobile each. After that, participants can start the game by selecting the ‘Competition’ mode which will only be unlocked during this race.

In the previous series which was quite tight, the players with username Hafizh Ali managed to lead to first place in ranking with a time of 30 seconds, followed by Valent with 30.1 seconds, aws 31.6 seconds, CR-turbo 32.7 seconds, rikzasm 33.2 seconds, MAI 33.4 seconds, alvin.cen 34.8 seconds, nikolaw 35.3 seconds, Err 35.4 seconds and Handrift with 6.7 seconds.

These ten winners can re-participate in the final round to be held in March 2022, competing with ten other participants from each round until the seventh round to come.

To date, the game BVDC 2 has been downloaded by 34,349 users. The third period of the competition will take place from November 17 to 23, 2021 on a track with the Bandung Ocean of Fire monument in the background. (S-4)


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