Bekasi City exceeds investment target

Bekasi City exceeds investment target

The city government of Bekasi has managed to exceed the investment investment target of IDR 6.9 trillion in 2021. Until the third quarter, January-September 2021, the completion of investment investments in the Bekasi town reached IDR 7,016,158,441,541.

Bekasi City One-Stop Investment and Integrated Services Agency (DPMPTSP) head Lintong Dianto Putra said the total mandatory investment activity reports (LKPMs) for the city de Bekasi had exceeded the target with a percentage of 101.3% and a total of 2,285 LKPM and an effective total of 4,413 people.

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“Details include National Investment (PMDN) of IDR 4,261,121,900,000 with a total of LKPM of 1,667 and a workforce of 1,957. Then, Foreign Investment (PMA) of IDR 2,755,036 541,541 with a total of 618 LKPM and a total staff of 2,456 people. We will try to increase the realization of the investments in the fourth quarter ”, said the head of the city of Bekasi DPMPTSP Lintong Dianto Putra, Wednesday (3/11) .

He explained that the West Java Provincial DPMPTSP also released and published data on the realization of PMA and PMDN investments across West Java for the reference period January to September 2021. Referring to LKPM quarters I to III of January to September 2021, the total achievement of PMA and PMDN investments in 27 districts and the city amounted to Rp 107,230 110,543,967 and the number of jobs was 87,766 people, and the number of LKPMs was Rp. 23 749 LKPM.

The realization of PMA and PMDN investments in January-September 2021 increased by 20,906,737 153,437 Rp compared to 2020 during the same period to reach 107 230 110 543 967 Rp and reached 84.21% of the target national value of Rp 127,340 billion.

The 5 main regencies and cities most requested by PMA / PMDN investors for the realization of commercial activities or projects between January and September 2021, namely Bekasi Regency for an amount of 35 031 185 671 011, Kerawang Regency IDR 19 973 499 724 794, Bandung City IDR 10 151 773 278 501, Bogor Regency 8 209 670 202 976 rupees and the city of Bekasi 7 016 158 441 541 rupees. (D-2)


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