Violations by members of the police tend to decrease

Violations by members of the police tend to decrease

The Propam Division of the National Police reported that offenses committed by a number of police officers tended to decrease compared to 2020. This is based on the latest data for the period of October 2021.

However, the head of the police division of Propam, Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, said his party was preparing a strategy to continue reducing the number of offenses committed by members of the national police in the future.

“The results of academic studies show that there are things that can be done by the ranks of Propam Polri in the region, Propam Polri is implementing strategies” preemptive and preventive to prevent violations by members of the police, ”Sambo said on Tuesday (2/11).

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Sambo explained the efforts to prevent and mitigate member violations such as, preemptive in the form of internal strength building, capacity building, skill testing and sharing problems / knowledge / experience.

While the efforts preventive in the form of management attention, SOPs and procedures, status validation, management discretionary transfers and decision-making systems.

Data shows that public complaints (dumas) against the Code of Criminal Procedure decreased by 0.9% in 2020 and by 85.7% in 2021.

Then, Dumas then decreased by 18.75% in 2020, and decreased by 52.6% in 2021. At the same time, Dumas for other offenses increased by 29.5% in 2020, and decreased by 71.8% in 2021.

The decrease in the number of offenses committed by members of the police is also due to maximum surveillance efforts. The Propam Division of the National Police collaborated with POM TNI, Kompolnas, Ombudsman, Komnas HAM and academics. In the form of strengthening communication, coordination of activities, collaboration of integrated activities and integrated services. “The external supervision worked optimally.”

Sambo explained that the strengthening of the oversight function by Div Propam Polri would be done by structuring regulations within the Propam Polri environment, increasing integrated and ICT-based complaint services, as well as strengthening the existence of the Propam function in areas prone to violations.

Then, said Sambo, increase clean operations, optimize programs whistleblower system (WBS), propam cyber patrols, acceleration of the processing of important cases, strengthening of ICT-based control systems, structuring of the support infrastructure and increase of human resources skills for the propam function (training of accreditors and examiners ).

“The Propam Presisi application is a complaint medium accessible to all layers of society, the monitoring system is in place,” Sambo concluded. (D-2)


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