This is a list of inspiring Indonesian beauty influencers

This is a list of inspiring Indonesian beauty influencers

In recent years, the phenomenon of beauty influencers in the beauty world has become increasingly popular. Beauty influencers are known as social media activists active in the beauty field.

In Indonesia, there are many beauty influencers who come from various backgrounds. There are those who have studied beauty for a long time and some started as a fashion which then turned out to be gentle and made them famous and have become models for cosmetics lovers and people who have great enthusiasm for beauty. beauty.

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Not only that, many people who have just learned or who are still lay people follow them.

The following is a list of beauty influencers in Indonesia who are influential in their fields.

1. Tasya Farasya

Instagram @tasyafarasyaTasya farasya

Tasya Farasya is known as an Indonesian fashion, makeup and skincare influencer.

Tasya still inspires many people by applying makeup and providing information on how to create cosmetic tutorials and reviews.

2. Tyna Kanna Mirdad

Instagram @tynakannamirdadTyna Kanna Mirdad

The Mirdad sisters are not only Nana and Naysila, but also Tyna Kanna Mirdad or Tyna Mirdad who is now one of the high places of Indonesian women in terms of beauty.

3. Abel Cantika

Instagram @ abellyc – Abel Cantika

Abel Cantika is still uploading information about her skincare and makeup routine to social media. The makeup she wears often becomes a source of inspiration due to the olive color of her skin, which makes Indonesian women feel confident.

4. Rachel Goddard

Instagram @rachgoddardRachel goddard

This beauty influencer is known to be very unique. Ben Goddard’s wife gives a funny expression every time she speaks in the video while reviewing or recounting her experiences.

5. Nanda Arsyinta

Instagram @nandaarsyntNanda Arsynta

Known as a woman who often wears the Korean style, Nanda also often gives advice and experiences while taking care of her skin.

6. Aghnia Punjabi

Youtube @Aghnia PunjabiAghnia Punjabi

This Turkish woman often gives tutorials on the use of beauty products on her Youtube channel. His thick Turkish face is often envied by Indonesian women.

Aghnia’s Instagram account mostly features photos of her outfit of the day that are inspirational for hijabers.

7. Jovi Adhiguna

Instagram @joviadhigunaJovi Adhiguna

Jovi Adhiguna often sounds slang and funny. You can see all of her activity, which can be seen through her Youtube videos, such as traveling, slang fashion, makeup, challenges, concerts and cooking.

Very talented in the world of beauty and fashion, Jovi Adhiguna has often trusted the face of fashion shows.

8. Suhay Salim

Instagram @suhaysalimSouhay Salim

Nowadays, who doesn’t know Suhay? She is known for her love of beauty products as well as her honest reviews.

This beauty influencer has a Youtube channel that discusses approved products, booming products, and more. His flexible and frontal speaking style makes women have fun with his vlogs.

9. Ayudia Bing Slamet

Instagram @ayudiacAyudia Bing Slamet

This young mother is also often used as a source of inspiration by Indonesian women who are amazed by her.

Not only her beauty, Ayudia also has an inspiring story behind her.

Ayudia is often used as a model for hijab fashion products as well as skin care and makeup products.

It’s not uncommon for him to upload his selfie or even his photoshoot. Ayudia also uploads her camera photos often.

10. Marcella Febrianne

Instagram @cindercellaMarcella Febriane

The owner’s full name, Marcella Febrianne, is a young and talented beauty influencer from Indonesia. Through his YouTube channel, the owner of the Instagram account @Cindercella often shares interesting beauty content. One of them, make up hack. (OL-1)


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