Tangsel Police Arrest Cell Phone Theft Perpetrators In Alam Sutera

Tangsel Police Arrest Cell Phone Theft Perpetrators In Alam Sutera

Police at South Tangerang (Tangsel) Banten Resort (SATRESKRIM) have arrested the perpetrators of cell phone or cell phone seizures in Alam Sutera. The suspect with the initials RR (24) was arrested on Saturday (10/30).

The theft took place at Jalan Sutera Utama, Gardenia, Alam Sutera, Serpong, South Tangerang.

The timeline of the incident occurred when the victim with the initials IM (36) was jogging or running in the morning. Thursday (28/10). At that time, the victim was using his smartphone. A moment later, the assailant took the victim’s cell phone. In a statement on Tuesday (2/11), South Tangerang Police Chief AKB Iman Imanuddin said his staff had arrested the victim. attacker after two days of the incident.

The perpetrator is a local worker. The man was arrested after the victim reported to the police.

South Tangerang Satreskrim Police obtained evidence of a cell phone belonging to the victim and a motorcycle belonging to the attacker.

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With the confiscation case, police at the complex called on residents of southern Tangerang to always be vigilant so as not to trigger criminal acts. Iman advised residents not to bring valuables into public places that invite perpetrators to commit crimes.

South Tangerang Police Public Relations Officer Brigadier Retno added that the crime did not qualify as robbery. But the theft business.

“It is therefore not a theft, but this case is a robbery with violence, according to article 365 of the penal code,” he said.

The perpetrator RR is currently in the custody of the South Tangerang Police Headquarters. The perpetrators will be subject to article 365 of the penal code with a penalty of 9 years in prison. (OL-7)


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