Pursuing the 6-hour flood retreat target, Anies continues to assess

Pursuing the 6-hour flood retreat target, Anies continues to assess

DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan said his party was continuing to assess to pursue the flood target or the puddles could recede within six hours of heavy rains.

He said assessments were continually being made to uncover mismanagement so that flooding or flooding occurred in the capital.

“So we set a target after the rain stops, if the rain is more than 100 mm / day, it must be pumped and dried, given a target of 6 hours, if it rains in below 100 millimeters there will be no flooding, that is, there is something wrong with the management, ”Anies told City Hall. , Central Jakarta, Tuesday (2/11).

Anies said her party set a flood management target that was only achieved last year so that flood management had action.

“What makes a goal achievable and what makes a goal not reached within the framework of continuous improvement only started this 1 year we decided to use measures in flood management, because if we don’t have a size, have a goal, it will work without any measure of achievement, ”he said.

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DKI Jakarta Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria added that his party had mobilized all staff to anticipate the threat of flooding in this rainy season. He said the government had prepared refugee camps and logistics to anticipate the floods.

In addition, the government has also prepared rain gauges in 267 urban villages. Riza admits that the forecast of extreme weather conditions in DKI Jakarta in the coming days should be anticipated.

He said that not only the government but also the community are also involved in the prevention and management of floods later.

“We therefore ask for our preparedness and for all residents, especially during the pandemic. If the rainy season is heavy, transmission may be faster. So we also ask the community, especially in areas with potential for disease. ‘flood and flood, stay home and put health protocols in place, ”he said.

Several areas of Jakarta were reportedly previously flooded on Monday (1/11). Data from the DKI Jakarta Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) noted that as of 6:00 p.m. WIB, there were 13 RTs in the capital that were flooded.

The thirteen RTs are located in several urban villages in eastern Jakarta. In the village of Lubang Buaya, there is 1 RT which was flooded with a height of 40 cm. The flooding is believed to be due to the overflow of the Sunter River. In the village of Cipinang Melayu, BPBD noted that there were 9 RTs affected by the flood with a height of 40-55cm. Floods in this region are also called because of the overflow of the Sunter River.

Meanwhile, in the village of Cipinang Muara, there are 3 RTs who have been affected by flooding from a height of 40cm. The overflow of the Sunter River is believed to be the cause of flooding in the region (OL-4)


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