PSIM must be satisfied with sharing numbers with PSCS

PSIM must be satisfied with sharing numbers with PSCS

PSIM Yogyakarta were unable to achieve their three-point ambition after being held to a 1-1 draw by PSCS Cilacap in the Indonesian League 2 Group C second round match at Manahan Stadium Solo, in central Java, Tuesday (2/11). The first half at the start of the second round was less interesting as both teams seemed less aggressive in attacking the opposing goal.

In fact, PSIM and PSCS always seem reluctant to put pressure on the opposing defense. Thus, during the first 20 minutes of the first half, neither team had the chance to endanger the opposing goal. PSCS Cilacap first had the opportunity to score a goal in the 23rd minute thanks to the right foot of Beny Ashar, thus passing the position to 0-1 for the PSCS.

The goal of the PSCS, which was built by the team of coach Frans Sinatra Huwae, started with the kick of player number 77, Muhamad Kasim, who aimed for the goal and the ball was blocked by the goalkeeper of the PSIM, but the ball rebounded and was immediately grabbed. by the feet of Beny Ashar to turn into a goal.

PSIM who missed a goal immediately increased the tempo of their game to rush into the opposing defense. PSIM forwards Ahmad Ihwan and Nabda Nurandi tried to create equal opportunities on the PSCS, unfortunately the ball was unable to penetrate the opposing defense. The position remained at 0-1 for the PSCS until the referee who directed the match, namely Muhammad Khisfan of DKI Jakarta, blew the long whistle to mark the end of the first half. .

At the start of the second half, the PSIM further increased the tempo of its game to attack the defense of the PSCS in order to equalize. On the other hand, the PSCS relies on counter attacks by stacking players on the back line so that the opponent cannot penetrate. PSIM only managed to equalize in 53 minutes thanks to a kick from Ilham Arhaz, after using a cross from Arif Satyayudha, changing the position to a 1-1 draw.

PSIM, who managed to equalize, continued to attack the PSCS defense, but the ball still failed to penetrate the PSCS goal due to the players’ discipline to keep their area. On the other hand, the PSCS, which relies on counterattacks, also failed to penetrate the PSIM defense. Thus, the 1-1 draw remained until the end of the second half.

Referee Muhamad Khisfan in this match delivered four yellow cards for Gideon Marsell Glementino Huwae, M Afrizhan (PSCS), Syarif Wijianto and Taifik Hidayat (PSIM).

PSIM, who drew against PSCS in Group C of La Liga 2, each got one point. PSIM remain in third place in the Group C standings over six matches, with one win, four draws, one loss and a total score of 7. Meanwhile, the PSCS remains in second place behind Persis Solo, in six matches, with three wins. , two draws, one loss and a total of 11 points. (OL-8)


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