Polda Metro Jaya rejects Polantas who asked for a bag of onions

Polda Metro Jaya rejects Polantas who asked for a bag of onions

POLDA Metro Jaya withdrew Aiptu ADH Traffic Police from Soekarno-Hatta Airport Police Traffic Unit to Headquarters Services Division (Yanma) of Polda Metro Jaya. This was done as part of an inspection because ADH asked a motorist for a bag of onions.

“The person in question was investigated by the Polda Metro Jaya Propam, immediately withdrawn, withdrawn, assigned to Bintara Yanma Polda Metro Jaya for investigation,” said Polda Metro public relations chief Jaya Kombes Yusri Yunus in Jakarta, Tuesday (2/11).

Yusri said police bearing the initials Aiptu ADH were still under investigation by Propam’s midwife investigator and could be detained if found guilty. “We are in the process, we are securing it. If it is wrong, we will stop it,” Yusri said.

This series of cases began with a viral video via social media Instagram and Twitter that showed a policeman standing next to a motorcycle with a bag of onions on it. The VCR then stated that he had been ticketed, but the officer asked for the bag of onions he was carrying.

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“I’m sorry boss, I got a ticket but I was asked for a bag of onions. Here is the police boss, please help my colleagues in my state,” the VCR said. “Here, I was asked for a bag. I was given 100,000 rupees, I didn’t want any, I asked for a bag of onions,” he said. (Ant / OL-14)


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