Persijap folds Hizbul Wathan FC

Persijap folds Hizbul Wathan FC

PERSIJAP Jepara won three points after beating Hizbul Wathan (HW) FC Sidoarjo 2-0 in the Indonesian League 2 Group C Second Round match held at Manahan Stadium Solo, Central Java, Tuesday (2/11). The game between Persijap and HW FC was quite interesting as both teams played their best games going against each other to get full points at the start of the game in Group C.

Both sides, Persijap and HW FC, tackled each other in the first half, but the discipline of the players at the back line to protect their respective areas prevented the ball from entering the opposing goal. Persijap got his chance in the 22nd minute with a hard blow from number 99 Crah player Eka Angger Iswanto. The ball could not be anticipated by HW FC goalkeeper Ferdiansyah, reducing the position to 1-0 for Persijap.

Persijap, who has a goal ahead of HW FC, is motivated to press the opponent to add to the victory. Persijap’s opportunity came in the 29th minute thanks to a kick from Ricki Ariansyah, but unfortunately the ball was caught by goalkeeper Ferdiamsyah, and HW FC’s goal was saved.

HW FC’s only chance in the first half came in the 34th minute thanks to a hard kick from Ahmad Maulana’s feet outside the penalty area, but the ball was always parried by the keeper Harlan Suardi, so that there was only one corner for HW FC. The 1-0 position for Persijap remained until the end of the first half.

At the start of the second half, Persijap and HW FC played the same way as in the first round. Both teams are still eager to win the game and improve the standings. In fact, the game for both teams appeared to be rough due to frequent violations. Persijap’s chance to add a goal came in the 66th minute thanks to a hard blow from Putra Chaniago, but unfortunately the ball was pushed back by the HW FC keeper and only produced a corner for Persijap.

Persijap just added a goal to consolidate the victory in the 69th minute with a free kick from the center of the field towards the goal of HW FC. Goalkeeper Ferdiansyah, whose position was too far advanced, could not anticipate it and there was a goal, putting the position 2-0 for Persijap.

The only chance for HW FC that could reduce the defeat in the 79th minute was Bayu Arfian’s kick, but unfortunately the ball was pushed back by goalkeeper Harlan Suardi to save Persijap’s goal.

The match between Persijap and HW FC remained 2-0 for Persijap, until the referee who supervised the match, Hamdi from East Kalimantan, whistled the end of the second half.

Persijap, who beat HW FC, got three more points, so his position in Group C moved PSIM from fourth to third in the table after 6 games, one win, five draws and one loss. , with a total value of 8 points. Meanwhile, HW FC have been at the bottom of Group C for six games, with a winless result, two draws and four losses, with a total score of 2 points. (OL-8)


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