PCR testing and convenience for airline passengers

PCR testing and convenience for airline passengers

In recent days, the public has once again been confronted with problems which could indeed be resolved at ministerial level. The problem concerns the PCR or polymerase chain reaction test which is compulsory for airline passengers.

Previously we had to undergo this PCR test from the start of the pandemic which was valued at Rp 2.5million, then it dropped to Rp 900,000, continued to Rp 550,000, and now Rp 300,000 ..

It turns out that President Joko Widodo must also speak out so that the price of PCR can drop, as Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan said on Monday, October 25, 2021. To reduce the maximum price of the PCR, the new president must speak and act quickly. What is really going on in the healthcare ranks in Indonesia?

Don’t get angry, let alone report it to the police under the guise of defamation, if anyone accuses it of being linked to PCR due to pressure from the medical device mafia. The public has no proof of the existence of a medical device mafia. They know that the price of the PCR test can actually drop to a pretty low level.

Airlines suffer the most with this PCR testing rule. Because previously, the PCR test could cost as much as a plane ticket, which meant residents had to pay double. So don’t be surprised if airlines like Garuda Indonesia seem to have fallen down the stairs anyway. Not to mention the other airlines that have already fallen or are no longer able to spread their wings.

According to Pak Luhut, the PCR test for passengers on this plane is valid for 3×24 hours. I am grateful. Thank you, Pak Jokowi, for listening to the cries of the hearts of the people, which were squeezed until they could no longer breathe.

The Ministry of Health was apparently able to set a PCR tariff price of IDR 275,000 for Java and Bali, and IDR 300,000 for outside Java and Bali. It’s awesome. Hopefully it comes back down.

I understand, I understand very well that the PCR test is indeed to suppress the spread of the Covid-19 number, which is currently in the process of declining. But the threat that a new variant of covid-19 named v.4.2 will cause a spike in UK cases should clearly not be underestimated.

We learned some valuable lessons early in the emergence of corona, many semi-literate parties even consider it a normal virus. As a result, it has been almost two years since we were shot by this invisible enemy. The state must protect its citizens. and we must follow the rules set by the state for the common good.

The government felt that the high price of PCR tests was due to the fact that there were services, reagents, consumables, administration, overhead and other cost items.

In the language of the secretary of the General Directorate of Medical Services of the Ministry of Health, Azhar Jaya, the drop in the price of PCR tests is due to the dynamics of the global and national COVID-19 pandemic. The decline in global cases has led to oversupply conditions or oversupply of PCR components in the global market.

Okay, we’re not good at calculating all this complexity. even less counting, continuing to breathe so that life returns to normal is already difficult. We have been vaccinated twice and of course hope this will be a consideration for ease of travel as well.

The government has set a price limit for PCR. Thus, PCR results should be available no later than 1 x 24 hours. PCR results can be valid for 3 x 24 hours.

The problem is, what about areas that have different levels of health services and facilities in Jakarta? What about regulatory oversight? Of course, the task of the Ministry of Health does not end only with the publication of new regulations. We certainly hope that no one is playing with this rule. For example, increase the price of PCR with the bait as the results will be obtained in less than 24 hours. In addition, prior to this, various cases have arisen around PCR including falsification of PCR results documents. And once a case occurs, it’s the person who is to blame.


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