Love with a different faith in fantasy in the afterlife, a love story

Love with a different faith in fantasy in the afterlife, a love story

Akhirat A Love Story is director Jason Iskandar’s debut feature film, from which, among other things, the short film X&Y springs. The film, starring Della Dartyan and Adipati Dolken, tells the story of the interfaith love between the lovers, Mentari and Timur.

“In my opinion, this theme is very relevant to the Indonesian people. Many of us are in an interreligious loving relationship. And indeed, their struggle is very big in my opinion. That’s what makes me interesting to pick this up and take it into the realm of fantasy, ”Jason said at a virtual press conference for the poster and trailer release of Akhirat A Love Story, Tuesday (2/11).

The film, which was produced by Shanty Harmain of BASE ID, is about the romantic fantasy genre. Studio Antelope producer Florence Giovani, who also co-produced the film, added that the film portrays a modern fairy tale. “What we are offering is a classic, yet unique love story.”

In the trailer, Mentari’s character is someone who is interested in the art of drawing. He comes from a Muslim family. Meanwhile, Timur, Mentari’s partner, is a Christian. One day, the two have an accident and wake up in another world outside of their real world. The two then seemed to have another opportunity that seemed impossible for them to enter the real world.

After starring in the movie Love for Sale 2 together, Della and Adipati said it was quite easy to build chemistry between the Sun and the East in this film.


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