Serial accidents in Tangsel leave 2 injured

Serial accidents in Tangsel leave 2 injured

A series of traffic accidents in the jurisdiction of the South Tangerang Police, (Tangsel) Banten on Sunday evening (10/31).

When confirmed by Media Indonesia on Monday (1/11), South Tangerang Traffic Police Chief Iptu Nanda Setya Pratama confirmed the incident.

“Currently, the police have secured 10 vehicles involved in the crash. The crash case is currently under investigation by the Laka Unit of the South Tangerang Police. no deaths, only two minor injuries, ”Nanda said.

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As a result of the accident, Nanda continued, all the vehicles involved were damaged. Meanwhile, the motorcyclist MH was injured and was rushed to Sari Asih hospital. While the other motorcyclist, SY, was injured, he was rushed to Fatmawati hospital.

He explained that the accident happened on Jalan. Dewi Sartika, precisely near Ramayana Ciputat, Cipayung Village, Ciputat District, South Tangerang City. The incident happened at around 10:30 p.m. WIB on Sunday evening

Nanda said the accident started when the truck driven by S was traveling from Lebak Bulus to Gaplek via Jl. Dewi Sartika. Upon arriving near Ramayana Ciputat, he was suspected of having lost control (faulty brakes) resulting in a series of accidents involving 2 motorcycles and a number of cars. (OL-7)


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