PSS Sleman Bend Borneo FC 2-1

PSS Sleman Bend Borneo FC 2-1

PSS Sleman succeeded in realizing his ambition to win three points after beating Borneo FC with a score of 2-1 in the continuous match of the 2021/2022 BRI Liga 1 Indonesia season which took place at Manahan Stadium Solo, Central Java, Monday (1/11). In the first half, the PSS seemed more careful to come out by pressing on the opposing defense and vice versa, Borneo also often waited a lot by relying on rapid counterattacks to suppress the opponent.

PSS and Borneo seemed to play monotonously until the 20th minute, there was no dangerous chance against the opposing goal. PSS just had a chance in the 22nd minute thanks to Arsyad Yusgiantoro’s header, but the ball went to the right of Borneo’s goal. The second chance was in the 37th minute, thanks to a header from Mario Maslac, but the ball was saved by Borneo goalkeeper Gianluka Pandeynuwu, resulting in only one corner for PSS.

The PSS attack only resulted in one goal in the 45th minute thanks to a hard kick from Irfan Jaya’s feet, after using a sting from Irkham Mila to change the position to 1-0 for PSS. Borneo FC’s only dangerous golden opportunity came in the 24th minute thanks to a Francisco Torees header, but the ball was caught by PSS goalkeeper Miswas Saputra. This 1-0 position for PSS Sleman lasted until the end of the first half.

The start of the second half was quite interesting as both teams tackled each other to win the game. PSS Sleman wants to consolidate the victory, while Borneo is more enthusiastic about catching a higher PSS. Borneo FC had the opportunity to equalize in the 49th minute thanks to a header from striker Fransisco Torres, but unfortunately the ball was caught by goalkeeper Miswar Saputra who played calmly. So that didn’t change the position remains 1-0 for PSS.

Borneo just equalized after receiving a penalty after a violation in the PSS penalty area in 55 minutes. No.9 player Fransisco Torres executed the goal which resulted in a 1-1 draw. However, PSS regained the advantage in the 61st minute thanks to a kick from Irfan Jaya, after taking advantage of a mistake by one of the Borneo defenders and a goal to move the position to 2- 1.

After the victory of PSS 2-1, Borneo FC took the initiative to attack by accelerating the tempo of the match to catch up. However, the tight defense of PSS, which was escorted by Aaron Michael Evans, Fandy Imbiri, Kim Jeffrey and Arthur Daniel, made it difficult for Borneo to penetrate. Until DKI Jakarta referee Nusur Fadilah gave the long whistle to mark the end of the second half, the position remained 2-1 for PSS. The referee of this match gave five yellow cards to Miswar Saputra, Arthur Daniel, Fandry Imbiri, Kim Jeffrey and Dendi Agustian, all from PSS. (OL-8)


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