KAI urges public to beware of recruitment fraud

KAI urges public to beware of recruitment fraud

PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) once again reminded the public to remain vigilant against all forms of fraud with the KAI recruiting method. The reason for this is that recently a scam mode has appeared in the form of chain messages via WhatsApp regarding KAI vacancies sent by email. Another mode comes in the form of a recruitment invitation letter that requires participants to use certain travel agents.

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“KAI regrets irresponsible actions in the name of KAI recruiting. The public should be more careful and critical if they receive a message in the form of a recruiting announcement. Please ignore those who promise to help get participants through. recruiting, ”KAI vice president of public relations Joni Martinus said on Monday 1/11.

Joni pointed out that all KAI recruiting information makes full use of the official website with recruitment.kai.id or the company’s official social media @keretaapikita or @ kai121_. If you find recruiting information that is not from the site, so people can ignore it.

KAI has never gone through the mail-order recruitment process, either by sending files submitted by someone or by email. Additionally, KAI does not collect any fees from applicants and has never collaborated with travel agents in the worker selection process.

If you find any questionable information, please contact the KAI Contact Center immediately by phone 121, WhatsApp 08111-2111-121, e-mail cs@kai.id, or KAI121 social media for official company information. .

“We also call on the public not to continue or broadcast messages about KAI recruitment ads that are marked as bogus to prevent more people from being deceived by bogus recruiters,” Joni concluded. (OL-6)


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