Israeli observer suspects Iranians behind Black Shadow

Israeli observer suspects Iranians behind Black Shadow

A GROUP of hackers who call themselves Black shadow Sunday (10/31) threatened to reveal personal data of users of major LGBTQ dating sites Israel. Cyber ​​intelligence researcher Ohad Zaidenberg said the hack appeared to be linked to a similar incident with Israeli insurance company Shirbit last year.

The hack of Shirbit has also been claimed by Black Shadow. Much like the March hack of Israeli insurance company KLS Capital Ltd. “Now they’re doing something relatively similar,” Zaidenberg said.

“We know that the Shirbit attack was carried out by the citizens Iran. Therefore, we can say that if the same aggressor and the attack were Iranians, it means that the attacks were of Iranian origin. “

Keren Elazari, cybersecurity expert and researcher at Tel Aviv University, agrees the attack appears to have been carried out by Iranians. “Most of the hacks we see are not about ransoms,” he said. “It’s about shaming Israeli companies, shaming Israeli citizens.”

He said the pandemic opened up new vulnerabilities for Israeli businesses. Indeed, working from home offers less cybersecurity and has opened up opportunities for attack.

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Iran and Israel have engaged in so-called shadow wars, including several reports of attacks on Israeli and Iranian ships that have both blamed each other, as well as cyber attacks. The hack of the Israeli company comes after an unprecedented and unclaimed cyberattack that wreaked havoc on Iran’s gasoline distribution system this week. An Iranian general said Israel and the United States were likely behind the attack. (AFP / OL-14)


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