South Jakarta PDI-P DPC Hosts E-Sports Tournament to Commemorate Youth Engagement

South Jakarta PDI-P DPC Hosts E-Sports Tournament to Commemorate Youth Engagement

The South Jakarta PDI-P DPC has organized an E-Sport tournament in commemoration of Youth Pledge Day which falls every October 28. The E-Sport tournament titled “Banteng Selatan Esports Tournament” staged a battle in the PUBG Mobile game and brought together 64 teams with a total prize of Rp 10 million.

South Jakarta PDI-P DPC Chairman Yuke Yurike admitted he was surprised by the enthusiasm of people who wanted to participate in this tournament in commemoration of Youth Engagement Day yesterday. In fact, many residents outside of Jakarta want to register. Unfortunately, they cannot compete because one of the conditions for participants is to be domiciled at DKI.

“The E-Sport tournament in commemoration of the youth pledge is a concrete step in supporting PDI Perjuangan to respond to the trends that are developing in society, especially among young people. With this tournament, it is hoped that it will be able to offer a forum for young people who have esports interests and talents, “Yuke said in a written broadcast on Saturday (10/30).

Yuke felt that the Esports tournament, which has become a successful sport, has a positive side for young people if all parts of society understand it and provides a forum for players to compete against.

In fact, Yuke said from the industry side, E-Sports is an opportunity amid the economic recovery during this pandemic. He hopes that in the future Indonesia will not only produce athletes or esports teams, but also become a birthplace of programmers capable of going global.

“This is a form of the real concern of PDI-P, which is always innovative and time sensitive to present programs that benefit the community,” he concluded.

PDI-P DPP Youth and Sports President Eriko Sotarduga enjoyed the commemoration of Youth Pledge Day that took place with this E-Sport tournament. He hopes that tournament activities that interest young people in the digital age should be carried out regularly and periodically.

“In the current era of digitization, the young generation of today will certainly continue to engage in the development of E-Sport and this must continue to be supported,” he explained.

Indonesia, Eriko continued, is the largest video game market share in Southeast Asia. In 2018 alone, there were 43.7 million players, the gaming market revenue reached around 15.4 trillion rupees. that number continues to grow fantastically. For that, do not take advantage of the opportunity to advance the world of E-Sport.

Unfortunately, the domestic video game market share is only 0.4% of domestic products. For this reason, Eriko invites young people not only to actively participate in E-Sport, but also to participate in its development in Indonesia. “For young people, the positive values ​​of competing in E-Sport include developing the ability to solve problems, practice teamwork, and develop communication and creativity skills. Going forward , E-Sport will continue to grow and may even be competed at the Olympics. Thanks to DPC The South Jakarta PDI-P, who continue to be active in providing a platform for young people, especially in the southern region of Jakarta, to be able to participate in E-Sport competitions, ”he said.

This event put in competition 64 teams which had gone through the qualifying round to compete for 12 tickets for the Grand Final on October 28, 2021. In the final round, 4 invited teams were in competition, namely NKINS Esports (medalist of silver for PON Esports Exhibition), 69 Esports (bronze medalist for the PON exhibition). Esports), Zone Esports (PMPL Season 4) and Bulls Esports which were broadcast live via DPC PDI Perjuangan South Jakarta’s Youtube channel.

The event was attended by the Deputy Head of the Youth and Sports Division (Pora) of the PDI-P, Willyam Yani; The president of the organizing committee of the deputy director of the PDI-P PDI-P Wakabid Pora Regina Vianney Ayudya and the president of the AVGI DKI Bimo Pradikto. Regina admitted that she would run Esports tournaments regularly over a three month period expanding to other games such as Mobile Legends Bang-Bang, Valorant, Dota 2 and Free Fire.

“The South Banteng Esports Tournament is the first esports activity carried out by PDI-P in Indonesia. It became my commitment as Youth and Sports Manager to make esports a tournament. regular, ”Regina said. (OL-8)


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