President Erdoan will come to Indonesia

President Erdoan will come to Indonesia

On the sidelines of the series of G20 summits held in La Nuvola, Rome, Italy, on Saturday (30/10), President Joko Widodo had a bilateral meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

During the meeting, the two country leaders discussed two essential things. The first is Erdogan’s planned visit to the country.

“I look forward to Your Majesty’s visit to Indonesia around January or February 2022. I am sure that His Majesty’s visit will further strengthen Indonesia-Turkey relations. We instruct the foreign ministers of the two countries to properly prepare for the visit, ”Jokowi said.

Second, the heads of state also discussed plans to establish a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between Indonesia and Turkey or IT-CEPA. Jokowi believes that the cooperation pact will further strengthen relations between the two countries, especially in terms of trade and investment.

“I suggest that we designate our respective trade ministers to speed up the negotiations quickly. Of course, it would be great if IT-CEPA becomes one of the ‘deliverables’ of President Erdogan’s visit next year,” said the former mayor of Solo. (OL-13)

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