Next Ligue 1 season will use VAR

Next Ligue 1 season will use VAR

PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB), plan to use the Video Assistant Referee (VAR), in La Liga 1 next season. The competition operator budgeted $ 6 million, or about Rs 85 billion, to purchase a set of VAR equipment.

PT LIB Senior Director Akhmad Hadian Lukita said he had spoken with PSSI to use VAR since last year. However, the discussion was forced to stop due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lukita explained that not all La Liga 1 matches use VAR. Only certain games that require the help of these tools.

The purpose of using VAR is to make it easier for referees to make decisions. So far, Indonesian competition courts have often rendered controversial decisions.

“In the initial phase, we will buy a VAR set. If later the competition returns to its original format, at home and away, we have to create a VAR cluster so that it does not move far,” a Lukita said.

“The model will use a mobile system. Later the VAR will use a container truck. So we can move it from one game to another. So for nine games we can use three sets of VARs, for example.” Lukita said adding.

The use of VAR is not easy because there are steps to be taken. From specially trained and licensed referees supported by an adequate infrastructure. Therefore, Lukita has said he will conduct a VAR test at the end of La Liga 1 2021/22, before being implemented next season. This step has been taken so that Indonesian referees can learn how to use this sophisticated tool first.

“So we have an acceleration program. A VAR consultant came to PT LIB so that we could join the acceleration program by bringing in teachers,” he said.

“It’s more efficient. We will buy the equipment and test it later. During the Ligue 1 end-of-season test, we will be accompanied. Because not everything can be decided by the VAR. Maybe some penalties and red cards, ”he continued. (OL-15)


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