The Director of Operations and Management Technology of the Pre-Employment Card Program, Hengki Sihombing, born in 1985, admitted he was new to the internet when he decided to study in Jakarta. The man familiarly known as Hengki was born to a journalist father and a peasant mother.

When he first discovered the Internet, Hengki was not interested in exploring it. At that time, he still aspired to study in the field of architects. Meanwhile, his parents hoped their son would become a doctor.

His way of life led him to study in the Computer Science Department of the University of Gunadarma. In fact, he’s a good fit in the field and even worked for a software consulting company before he graduated.

Then he moved to a digital agency in a trending era Facebook ads. After getting to know some Start and become digital engineer, in 2015, Hengki decided to leave the company and create a Start named Urbanhire, a provider of recruitment applications in line. Three years later, Hengki received an offer from the Presidential Personnel Office to help him with the pre-employment card program technology system from scratch.

“At first I only wanted to help, but when I helped I was already interested in the concept and the type of public service that was designed to be transparent, the registration process without intermediaries, no brokers, very open, and anyone can sign up, “he said when in attendance as a star. visitor Kick Andy episode Never stop making dreams come true, which will air at 7:05 p.m. on Metro TV.

By assuming the post of Director of Pre-Employment Card Operations on March 17, 2020 and creating a technology system for the Pre-Employment Card Program, Hengki performed his duties well, which has been proven so far . He made a secure system and it is true that he never knew down although it is viewed by tens of millions of people all over Indonesia with a number of 200,000 users per second.

By joining the pre-employment card program, Hengki has a definition of contributing as an Indonesian. “It seems this is my biggest contribution as a citizen as I may have already done Start connect job seekers with people in need of manpower. With so many trillions (rupees) of funds poured into the pre-employment program (Card) and in a year and a half, we have determined that the recipients of aid are over 11 million, “he said. he explains.

“It seems like a huge achievement. Maybe if I did it in the private sector it could take at least, maybe, eight years. So I see, in a year and a half I can have a big impact for this country, ”he continued.

Testimonials from participants in the East Indonesia Pre-Employment Card program gave Hengki a special spirit. For him, by creating a good technological system, it can become a bridge for the dreams of the Indonesian people in the eastern part of Indonesia.

At the same occasion, Denni Puspa Purbasari, as executive director of the pre-employment card program, said that the program aims to improve the quality of human resources of working age.

“The difficulty with a new program is that because there is no picture, then we have to train ourselves to think with a lot of smart people, with a lot of actors. We listen first and then check that out. that’s been done. We can’t repeat what’s already there, “he explained.

Additionally, Denni said the program was very different from other programs because participants were free to choose their interests, talents, and the opportunities they saw. In addition, due to the pandemic, the entire training process is taking place virtually. Finally, the training is very practical because it is complementary to the vocational education or training of ministries and institutions.

The pre-employment card program also offers partners, namely training institutions, the opportunity to compete for good training. Currently, there are 440 training courses provided by 97 training institutions.

Regarding the funds that have been disbursed, Denni revealed that his party in 2020 will receive an allocation of Rp 20 trillion and this year will receive an allocation of Rp 21,200 billion. The priority to enter the program is young people aged from 18 to 35, while the maximum age is limited to 64. (* / M-1)


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