Getting to know the Inner Child, the other side of us

Getting to know the Inner Child, the other side of us

One of the factors that shape a person’s personality as an adult is their childhood experiences. This is often called inner child.

Childhood experiences, whether pleasant or not, will have an impact on a person as they grow up.

Inner child it is a small figure or a figure of ourselves in childhood that holds all the memories. Whether it’s a pleasant memory or an unpleasant memory, ”said Jenyffer, M.Psi, clinical psychologist, in the“ Good Talk Series ”webinar by Good Doctor and LSPR, as reported by, Sunday (10/31).

Jennifer added, life exists up and down. It is therefore impossible for us to live happily ever after. Childhood memories, whether pleasant or unpleasant, are recorded in inner child.

“Who we are today can be greatly influenced by our past. If for example inner child we have wounded or hurt, it’s normal to recognize what that little side of us looks like. The goal is to make peace with the past, to overcome the trauma felt. Our goal is to know inner child it’s also getting to know each other, ”explains Jennifer.

However, according to Jennifer, whatever that little figure in us is, it’s ourselves. But we must also understand that this little figure in us can still be powerless.

“We don’t have power, we don’t have a voice. We say no one is listening, we can’t fight when there is injustice,” Jennifer said.

“But now we are adults and have strength. Therefore, what we need to do is try to re-parent ourselves. Trying to take care of our little ones ourselves. For example, if we want to be parents, what kind of parents do we want to be? How the hell do we want to approach the little figure in us like what? Jennifer explained.

It is from the figure of the inner child that forms who we are today. Even if indeed, the trauma experienced in childhood should not be used as a justification.

“Oh inner child we are hurt that’s why i unstable so emotional it can’t be like that. You are an adult, you have the power to choose where your life takes you and you have the power to become what kind of person you are. The decision is therefore in your hands, in which direction you want to go, ”concluded Jenyffer. (M-4)


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