Anies Baswedan’s efforts to prevent flooding in Jakarta this rainy season

Anies Baswedan’s efforts to prevent flooding in Jakarta this rainy season

DKI GOVERNOR Jakarta Anies Baswedan said: flood management efforts in the capital. His party has made various efforts to prevent flooding in DKI Jakarta as the rainy season continues over the coming months.

He said the previously designed flood management simulation could be properly implemented by field staff. As a result, he said, flood management can be done properly and prevent flooding.

“When last February there were rains that exceeded our capacity, then automatically flooded and flooded, but the goal of being able to dry was reached. Why? Because all the resources have been mobilized,” said Anies in Jakarta, Sunday (10/31).

He said the deployed personnel also worked according to their respective duties. Anticipation of floods, he added, can be done optimally and prevent flooding.

“When the area is flooded it can usually take up to 3-4 days. On this day, all the firefighters are deployed. Then, mobile pumps are deployed, sprinkler tanks are deployed to draw water, and the recoil is not just due to gravity, but is pulled by pumps. Everything requires management. “Everything needs a scenario, everything needs a simulation, and that’s what we’re working on,” said Anies.

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In addition, Anies said her party will ensure that flood prevention efforts can work optimally. He hopes the capital can be safe from flooding this rainy season. “The amount of rain is out of our control. But if the precipitation exceeds the threshold, we aim to finish it as soon as possible,” he said. (OL-14)


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