Anies Baswedan receives honorary title of Betawi leader

Anies Baswedan receives honorary title of Betawi leader

DKI Jakarta GOVERNOR Anies Baswedan received the honorary title of Betawi Figure. The attribution of the title was carried out in a series of gathering activities, the inter-temporal inauguration of the Board of Directors of the Deliberative Council of Betawi (Bamus) for the period 2021-2023 and the presentation of honorary degrees to the Council. Betawi’s deliberative at DKI Jakarta Town Hall, Sunday (10/31).

“Allow us to express our appreciation for the honorary title given. We see this (honorary title) as a mandate that we must protect as best as possible,” said Anies.

On this occasion, Anies also conveyed congratulations as well as messages to the traditional assemblies of the Bamus Betawi. “This assembly will maintain, support the cultural journey which already has a long record. Therefore, being a member of the customary assembly is an important mandate,” said Anies.

“And in the future, we must offer greater opportunities for cultural development. Especially in the post-pandemic period, we can restart,” he said.

According to Anies, the post-pandemic interaction format has changed. On the other hand, Jakarta is the most complex city in terms of interaction results. “Therefore, in the future, we need to seriously develop a culture for the post-pandemic society,” Anies continued.

Anies also expressed appreciation for the Betawi people who have become an enabler of Indonesia’s growth and created an ecosystem for people all over Indonesia. “Therefore, this knot must be maintained,” he continued.

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The honorary title of the figure Betawi is a form of respect for figures who have contributed to the advancement of the Betawi customary law community and the Jakarta civilization, as stated in regional regulation number 4 of 2015 regarding Bamus Betawi. Besides Anies, a number of influential people who have received awards include Major General TNI (Ret.) Dr (HC) Eddie Marzuki Nalapraya, Lieutenant General (Ret.) Dr (HC) Sutiyoso, Dr Ing Fauzi Bowo, Prasetyo Edi Marsudi, KH Syukron Ma’mun, Abraham Lunggana, Mohamad Taufik, Sylviana Murni, Merry Hotma and Chaeruddin. (OL-14)


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