20 members of bank robber herd killed in police raid

20 members of bank robber herd killed in police raid

At least 20 people suspected of belonging to a gang of bank robbers in Brazil were killed during a police operation in the state of Minas Gerais on Sunday, 10/31. This is what a Brazilian police source said.

“The first information we have so far is that more than 20 criminals have died. Of the number killed, none of the squad members,” the source said.

The operation, carried out by the police in collaboration with the military police, took place near the town of Varginha. Police raided two farms that housed members of a gang of bank robbers and ATMs were plotting their action against several local bank branches.

Eighteen suspected gang members died on a farm and two more died as police approached a second farm, the sources said. A number of weapons were seized, including rifles and grenades, as well as vehicles stolen from both locations.

Police say these gangs often set stolen vehicles on fire to block roads after thefts and make it more difficult for police to pursue them.

Bank robberies in Brazil have increased in recent times. In their actions, these bank robbers use heavy weapons and are usually led to medium-sized towns where escape routes are carefully planned.

Last August, a gang in Aracatuba, in the state of Sao Paulo, spread terror in a robbery involving drones, explosives and the use of hostages as human shields. In this incident, three people died. (AFP / OL-15)


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