UBAIDILLAH Works according to interests

UBAIDILLAH Works according to interests

EXPERIENCE of using a pre-employment card comes from a man from Serang, Banten, Ubaidillah. Since 2013, Ubai has constantly changed jobs because its status has never been fixed.

To survive, he worked in various trades, from builder, motorcycle taxi driver, to working in a travel agency. He also changed domicile, notably in Surabaya, Magelang, Pemalang and Bogor.

On social media, Ubai read information about the pre-employment card program. Then he was interested in looking for more information about the program.

Ubai believed he could continue the interests and skills he had in college even though he had given up halfway. Because he had joined a group of nature lovers, he also chose training in occupational health and safety.

“Since college, I have joined students who love nature conservation. There, I learned climbing, caving, rafting, mountaineering. Here I also learned to security for oneself and for others. So I have this skill, but I don’t have the certification, “said Ubai when he was a guest star. Kick Andy episode Never stop making dreams come true which airs Sunday (10/31).

For him, training can be a capital to accomplish life according to his love or his interest. The first training could be carried out in a full day.

After completing his first training, Ubai started looking for work with a high school diploma and certificate from the pre-employment card program. He was accepted to work in the field of altitude to audit antennas or towers in the Serang area. He felt that the pre-employment card helped him have the capital to work.

Because he is not immediately satisfied with his achievements, Ubai still wants to increase his skill level by participating in the Autocat training. “This second training exists connect for Zoom and Youtube. Enter Zoom I had no room, I finally entered Youtube streaming. Well at that point my schedule was on top tower. So I studied and joined the above training towerAdded the one who also has an international rafting referee license.

He also took training in accounting. Ubai now works as a tower construction supervisor. Some of the Ubai brothers also signed up and participated in the training.

According to him, the pre-employment card program allows him to benefit from the training he has followed. In addition to skills that are continuously improved, he has the ability to enrich the network. So far, it continues to improve its quality and capabilities. Ubai said he was interested in participating in the K3 oil and gas training.

“(Program) Pre-employment card, not from us? know so know, those who can’t, those of us who don’t have a license have a license. It could change my life. We can learn anywhere, anytime, and whoever the teacher is, it has to be accepted, “he concluded. (* / M-1)


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