Suzuki presents the Ecstar product line for vehicle maintenance

Suzuki presents the Ecstar product line for vehicle maintenance

PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) introduces Suzuki Ecstar Global Brand Oil as the recommended engine oil for Suzuki vehicles that meet international standards. Suzuki Ecstar also comes with a wide selection of types and types that can be tailored to the needs of the vehicle’s engine.

According to SIS Parts Department Manager Christiana Yuwantie, while there are different choices of types and types of engine oil, there are several things that need to be considered when choosing an engine oil that truly matches the needs of the engine. vehicle.

Vehicle specifications

For engine oil specifications that match the needs of the vehicle, customers can consult the vehicle manual for lubricant use recommendations. In the manual and in consultation with official workshops, vehicle owners can know the types and specifications of lubricants with the most appropriate manufacturer recommended standards.

Certification of preferred lubricants

Every engine oil product must be homologated or certified to the best standards. Several organizations that issue vehicle lubricant certifications include API, ACEA, ILSAC, SAE and JASO. For Ecstar Suzuki has pocketed the API Service SN certification, which is a lubricant quality standard recognized by the API (American Petroleum Standard).

Lubricant viscosity

Engine oil viscosity can indicate the ease with which oil flows to coat engine components. The viscosity of the lubricant is identified by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineer). The viscosity level of engine oil is also divided into thin, medium and thick. The larger the number, the thicker the oil, and vice versa (SAE 0, SAE 20, SAE 50 and so on).

In multigrade type oil, there is an extra W at the end of the first digit (SAE 10W-40, SAE 0W-20 and so on). The code letter W itself stands for winter, which is used as a reference to indicate that 0W-20 oil has a viscosity equivalent to SAE 0 in snowy winter conditions and equivalent to SAE 20 in hot weather.

Low or thin oil viscosity makes it easier for oil to flow to lubricate so that it can protect engine components at low temperatures, while high oil viscosity will generally be better at maintaining lubricant performance. at high engine temperatures.

According to Christiana Yuwantie, choosing the right engine oil for the needs and character of the vehicle can help optimize the performance of the vehicle itself and extend the life of engine components.

“Engine oil is used to lubricate the surface of engine components, reduce friction between components and affect the life of the vehicle, so you have to choose the right one according to the needs of the vehicle engine. We present ECSTAR as a true brand of oil and chemicals designed wherever possible to complement a wide selection of types and types of quality motor oil requirements for Suzuki vehicles, ”Christiana said in her official broadcast. , Friday (10/29). .

Ecstar offers different types of lubricants, ranging from SAE 0W-20 SN, 5W-30 SN / GF-5, 5W-30 SL and 10W-40 SL engine oils for gasoline engine oil. up to 75W-80 API GL-4, 75W-90 API GL-4 and 80W-90 API GL-5 gear lubricants.

In addition, Ecstar also offers lubricants for automatic transmissions, such as ECSTAR ATF AW-1 and Ecstar ATF 3317, as well as Brake Fluid DOT3, Brake Fluid DOT4 for brake fluid. Includes throttle body and intake cleaner, brake cleaner for cleaning combustion and brake lines, and pre-mixed Ecstar Long Life 50/50 coolant for radiator fluid. (S-4)


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