STEVENLY RIO LOGINS proves pre-employment benefits

STEVENLY RIO LOGINS proves pre-employment benefits

Many people still wonder about the advantages offered by the government program to reduce unemployment and stimulate the world of work, namely the pre-employment card program. There are even people who still do not know the map.

Moreover, it is assumed that the program is limited to the promises made by President Jokowi during the presidential election campaign. The program was also mentioned as a potential new area for corruption.

The Pre-Employment Card is a government program to revive the national economy with the development of professional skills and entrepreneurship which was launched on March 20, 2020. So far, the wave of pre-employment programs entered the 22nd wave.

“Today we are going to find the answer, is it true that this pre-employment card is useful or vice versa, it is just a place for empty promises and a source of corruption,” said Andy by opening the event. Kick Andy title Never stop making dreams come true which airs tonight.

Andy invited several resource people who had participated in the pre-employment card program. The first is Stevenly Rio Loginsi or colloquially called Rio. The man who graduated from high school worked as a security guard from one company to another.

Since the pandemic, Rio has been fired (PHK) where he works as a security guard. As the head of the family with two children still in school, the Manado-born man is still grateful as he still has an ojek account. in line (ojol).

“When I was fired I was very shaken. At that time it was also a pandemic, if from morning till night I could get 100,000 Rp, it was very happy. This situation lasted three to four months, ”Rio said.

Amid his confusion because he couldn’t find a new job, he read information about the pre-employment card program at Facebook. His curiosity led him to research a lot of information about the pre-employment card program, read some reviews, and see what incentives participants would receive. Of course, this sparked Rio’s interest in signing up as one of the participants in the Third Wave program.

“Me find on social media I keep reading first. Oh, there is an incentive. It became my attraction at the time because it was in difficult conditions at the time, ”Rio added.

“What I was thinking about was making capital because finding other work is a bit difficult. Not bad, at the time I was reading Rp 2.4 million. So I signed up. After I sign up, oh it turns out I have to attend training first, get a certificate, then the incentives will be paid, ”he continued.


After going through the selection process and being declared a participant in the third wave, Rio participated in several existing trainings. With a capital balance of IDR 1 million, he received three trainings.

The first course he chose is digital marketing. The choice fell on the desire to create a business. “It was because of the pandemic, so I thought I should sell through in line. I’m interested in digital marketing. So I can market my products via the Internet, ”he explained.

Sharing his story with Andy, laughing, Rio said when he attended the training he had no idea what product he would be selling. For him, it is first important to learn how and the techniques to sell via digital platforms.

“I joined the training for two or three days. So we were given a module. After participating in the training, the incentive was Rp 600,000, then I was surprised, oh, that s’ turned out to be four times, “recalls Rio.

Not long ago, Rio received information from a friend of his that there was a vacancy in a mobile phone company. Not wanting to waste this opportunity, Rio took a chance by submitting a proposal.

His efforts to find work were not in vain. With knowledge digital marketing and coupled with the certificate of the pre-employment card program, Rio was accepted. “This certificate is recognized. The proof is that three days later, I was called, it turned out that the general manager called directly. He was interested in my certificate,” he explained. .

For almost two months, Rio worked as a promotion team at the supplier company. Then he was summoned and subjected to an evaluation. Unexpectedly, Rio got a positive score from his superiors.

When called in by his superiors, Rio was also asked to do a poster. At that time, Rio did not know and did not understand how to make a poster. Undeterred, he also took advantage of the remaining balance on his government pre-employment card.

Without thinking, Rio took Photoshop training. After that, Rio showed that he was able to accomplish his task of making posters.

“Opening a pre-employment (card) still has a balance. I took Photoshop to edit the image. I took Photoshop for three days online,” Rio said.

Then, for his excellent performance, Rio was again called by his superiors and proposed as supervisor in two areas. According to Rio, the training offered by the pre-employment card program really gave him the opportunity to hone his skills so that he could get a job he had never imagined before.

Today, the impact of the pandemic is still being felt, but not as badly as before. He racked his brains when many areas were closed limiting the distribution of goods to stores.

Again, Rio used the remaining training balance to learn online marketing. He admitted that after applying the knowledge gained in this training, the company’s turnover increased again.

Now Rio has brought 17 seller and owns two cities and five counties. His life journey of struggling to find a job after layoffs led him to a better job.

He also continues to improve and more and more dares to try and do something new. In addition, he kisses the alumni of the Pre-Employment Card program who have not succeeded in finding a job in order to be able to work at his workplace.

“In addition, there was a direct instruction from Pak Jokowi through the Minister for the Coordination of the Economy (Minister for the Coordination of the Economy Airlangga Hartarto) to deal with the former students of the pre-employment ( Card) So now there is a pre-employment Indonesian Community of Elders. So each province has a regional coordinator, ”said the man who became the coordinator of the Manado region.

“Our goal is to invite friends who have not participated and who have participated in the Pre-Employment Card (Card program) and to explain to them the advantages of the Pre-Employment Card (Card program). Sales (anybody) me, “concluded Rio, who met with President Joko Widodo last March. (M-1)


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