PWNU Disaster Agency Should Respond to Disasters in DKI

PWNU Disaster Agency Should Respond to Disasters in DKI

DKI Jakarta Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria attended the inauguration of the Indonesian Disaster and Climate Change Management Agency (LPBI) Board of Directors for PWNU DKI Jakarta 2021-2026, at the Grand Cempaka hotel, in central Jakarta, Saturday (10/30). In his remarks, Deputy Governor Ariza said that LPBI PWNU DKI Jakarta is a strategic partner of DKI Jakarta Provincial Government in disaster management in the capital.

Therefore, LPBI should be able to play an active role and collaborate optimally in disaster management, climate change and environmental conservation in Jakarta. “We hope that LPBI PWNU DKI will strengthen and accelerate the management of various forms of disasters in Jakarta. In addition to this, it can also provide education and socialization regarding the potential of earthquake disasters that can occur at any time for the community.” , explained Ariza. .

Ariza explained that the potential for disasters and the impacts of climate change cannot be managed by government alone, but that there must be cooperation and collaboration between different parties; namely government, community, business, media, academia and related stakeholders. So, if a disaster does occur, it can be dealt with quickly and accurately. “In many disasters, volunteers from various community organizations, NGOs, academia and business have played an important role. The integration of volunteers is important to be more coordinated, effective and efficient in a spirit of mutual cooperation and can in synergy the roles of other volunteers and agencies associated with disaster management, ”he said.

He also appreciated the new directors PWNU DKI Jakarta LPBI, also advised them to fulfill the mandate of the organization well. “On behalf of the provincial government of DKI Jakarta, and myself personally, we congratulate the President and all the leadership of the LPBI for the PWNU DKI Jakarta 2021-2026, which we just attended the inauguration. Good job, good reverence “, he concluded. (OL-8)


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