Open medical education opportunities for the community

Open medical education opportunities for the community

It IS an open secret that medical education is labeled as education which must have very high costs. Apart from intelligence, the high cost is not that not everyone has the same opportunity to have the opportunity to become a medical student. So the odds have to be equal so that everyone has the same chance of pursuing any education.

The President of the Indonesian Medical Council (KKI), Dr Putu Moda Arsana, explained that the distribution of medical education should start with the faculties that should exist in each region. KKI believes that the affordability of medical schools in the regions should be respected so that students can have easier access.

“Then the recruitment system for medical students must be regulated, that is to say that if it is based only on free selection, it will be difficult for those from the regions to compete. regions so that there is cooperation with the medical school, “Putu said when contacted on Friday (10/29).

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According to him, if these factors are based on these factors and implemented consistently, all children have the same opportunity to pursue medical education. In addition, there must be a selection of recruiting people who really have potential.

The process of recruiting affirmation in the regions must also be transparent in order to avoid differences in nepotism to obtain the affirmation quota. Because in getting those claims, there has to be competition because of the opportunity that there will be competition.

“It can also be advice for a good distribution of doctors. How can doctors work in places that need their services so as not to crowd into big cities? But it must be related to some kind of agreement, if not from the region, the city’s schools won do not return to the region, ”Putu said.

It is therefore necessary to have idealism, Pancasila values ​​and the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia in the education system so that they can serve in the region. Putu pointed out that these values ​​are in fact not only memorized but instilled so that they can produce idealistic doctors ready to work in areas in need.

Meanwhile, health observer and consultant Handrawan Nadesul said that the production of doctors cannot meet the needs of the people, that at least 1 doctor serves around 5,000 people like developed countries and that the distribution of doctors in the country is still concentrated in the big cities. .

“It is difficult to regulate the distribution of doctors. That is why the government’s appreciation for doctors is worrying. Schools are difficult, long and expensive. To produce a doctor, you need at least 1.5 billion rupees. “Handrawan said.

It is known that the legislative body of the DPR RI approved the draft revision of the law number 20 of 2013 concerning medical education (UU Dikdok) to become a bill initiated by the DPR RI.

The president of the legislative body of the DPR RI Supratman Andi Agtas explained that this review was carried out after finding the main problem. The first has to do with the timing of the current pandemic, so health workers, especially doctors, need to be an important thing.

“Both are the costs of medical education in universities. This problem is also linked to the levies, which are ultimately difficult to access for those who cannot afford it,” Supratman said.

The third role of professional organizations is related to the period of graduation of a person who does or participates in medical school, which requires a unique examination between medical training and competency examination training.

Finally, there are many future doctors who have completed their academic obligations but cannot graduate as they are required to follow the skills obligations held by each university.

“Besides that, there are still a lot of main problems. Finally, the problem can be solved by making this decision and then of course we will have to deal with the government, in particular AKD, who will discuss this bill at the next stage of discussion, “he explained. (H-3)


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