Dangerous, many trees and twigs touch electrical wires in Depok

Dangerous, many trees and twigs touch electrical wires in Depok

MANY trees are hitting power lines on several streets in Depok City. The tree is dangerous and causes a short circuit. For example, on Jalan Raya Curungan, Tanah Baru Village, Beji District and Jalan Raya Bogor.

Several residents of that highway admitted they were restless because during the rainy season the cable tended to break tree branches which could cause the cable to break.

In response to this, the head of the Environmental Management and Conservation Division of the Depok City Environment and Hygiene Department (DLHK), Indra Kusuma, said he would cut immediately the branches of trees.

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However, he continued, the size of the twigs adjusts the existing activity schedule. “You can’t just have a schedule,” he explained, Saturday (10/30).

Indra said he would immediately coordinate with the ranks below him to immediately anticipate the wishes of the people of Depok City. He admitted that two hundred residents of Depok City sent a letter to the DLHK. They demanded that the tree that touched the power line on the road side of Depok City be cut down.

According to locals, trees touching power lines are very disturbing and dangerous, especially when the trees are wet. However, Indra stressed that trees should not be felled or felled as they are a source of oxygen and prevent floods and landslides.

“In addition, water resources will also decrease if trees are cut down. Because trees play an important role in maintaining the water cycle with their roots,” he explained.

Prihatini, a resident of Jalan Raya Curungan, Tanah Baru Village, Beji Subdistrict, Depok Town, said trees are fragile and susceptible to falling and hitting power lines in many areas. He was very concerned that power lines would be exposed to tree branches if the rainy conditions were accompanied by strong winds.

“It is dangerous if the tree touches the cable. In addition to being able to cause electric shocks, the presence of broken wooden branches and hitting the cable can break,” he said. (D-2)


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