Acquisition of Serpong City FC, 3 women entrepreneurs ready to add color to national football

Acquisition of Serpong City FC, 3 women entrepreneurs ready to add color to national football

DURING this football is synonymous with men, although there are also a lot of women who get involved in football. In fact, almost every major club in the world has women’s clubs. In addition, women’s soccer is also contested in multiple events.

Despite everything, the presence of women in the world of football remains interesting. This can be seen in the big Serpong City FC launch event.
Because in the composition of the stakeholders of the club, there are 3 names of women who occupy quite important positions within the club, namely Dewi Noviandari as president and president, then Kuntum Raisa Amalia and Hannan Haris as president .

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While it might be a bit underestimated, Dewi Noviandari said that she, Kuntum Raisa and Hannan Haris are committed to being able to bring Serpong City FC up to the challenge, namely promotion to La Liga 2 in 2022. “To long term, of course. , modern football must be supported by the best infrastructure. so that there can be a balance between success and industry, ”Dewi said on the sidelines of the Serpong City FC launch event held at the Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta hotel on Friday evening ( 29/10).

The launch of Serpong City FC was lively, in the presence of MPR President RI Bambang Soesatyo, PSSI General Secretary Yunus Nusi, Central KONI General Secretary Ade Lukman, and singer group RAN and DJ Vicky Nitinegoro.

To bring Serpong City FC up to par, Dewi admits that she has prepared various strategies, one of which is to build infrastructure, from the training ground, mess and stadium. “We want Serpong City FC to be a model club that showcases achievements and industry on a global scale, of course it has to be supported by adequate infrastructure,” said Dewi.

Meanwhile, Kuntum Raisa has revealed that the closest goal he and his two friends will pursue is to win La Liga 3. “In the long term, in addition to the development of facilities and infrastructure, we will also continue to develop an academy. From early childhood, Serpong City FC is a professional club capable of capturing talented young potentials from all over Indonesia, ”he said.

The same was transmitted by Hannan Haris. He said the steps he took together with two other female stakeholders must be a great energy in getting Serpong City FC to become champions. “For me, it doesn’t matter if we have big dreams or even unreasonable dreams, as long as we have a reasonable plan to make them come true,” he concluded.

Serpong City FC was founded by Ricky Nelson on December 12, 2012, at that time its mission was more to develop early childhood football. The name Serpong City was also chosen as the club is domiciled in the Serpong region, south of Tangerang.

Since their inception, they managed to achieve feats in early childhood football until in 2019 they decided to take it to the next level and officially establish themselves as a professional football club. In 2020 the club officially became a member of Asprov Banten, then in 2021 it was officially recognized by PSSI at its congress as a football club and has the right to participate in professional league matches in Indonesia.

The club which bears the nickname Red Beast are now set to reserve various surprises for La Liga 3. In the near future, Serpong City FC will also cooperate with one of the European football academies to be able to develop the talents of Indonesian football. (Ant / A-1)


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