Usmar Ismail will become a national hero, recognizing PARFI

Usmar Ismail will become a national hero, recognizing PARFI

The Indonesian Film Artists Association (PARFI) expressed gratitude for the award of a national hero to film pioneer Usmar Ismail.

“Alhamdulillah, the proposal of fellow Indonesian filmmakers has been accepted. We are grateful that it has been granted and on November 10 we will receive an investiture from the President of the Republic of Indonesia, ”said Evry Joe, public relations manager of the Association of Indonesian Film Artists (PARFI ).

He said his party and the cinema association based in the H. Usmar Ismail Cinema Center Building (PPHUI) had proposed that the father of Indonesian cinema be named one of the national heroes, especially in the world of cinema. The proposal, Evry said, had been on the table for more than five to ten years.

Evry and his family on Usmar Ismail’s side also met Anies Baswedan while he was still at the Ministry of Education and Culture to pass on the proposal.

Besides Usmar Ismail, the government will also award three other national hero titles namely Kunciotutu of Central Sulawesi, Sultan Aji Muhammad Idris of East Kalimantan and Raden Aria Wangsakara of Banten.

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The title will be inaugurated by President Joko Widodo at the Bogor Palace on November 10, 2021, which coincides with National Heroes Day.

In July, organizers of the Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) also announced that they would host a rush party on November 10, 2021 as a boost to encourage Usmar Ismail to be named a national hero.

Usmar Ismail is known as a pioneer of modern Indonesian cinema. The first day of shooting of the film “Blood and Prayer” (1950), namely March 30, was commemorated as National Film Day. He has produced various works including “Harta Karun” (1949), “Six Djam di Djogja” (1951), “Through Djam Malam” (1954), “Three Dara” (1956), “The child of the virgin in nest “Garant” (1962), and so on.

Besides the world of cinema, Usmar Ismail is also a writer who has produced numerous written works, such as the dramatic screenplay “Mutiara dari Nusa Laut” (1943) and the collection of poems Puntung Berasap (1950).

In the world of journalism, he is also the founding journalist of the Patriot Daily, editor of the monthly Arena, Arena, worked at the Antara news agency and was president of the Indonesian Journalists Association (1946-1947) . (Ant / OL-4)


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