Toyota presents green mobility according to customer needs

Toyota presents green mobility according to customer needs

In an informal virtual chat with Toyota titled “TAM Electrification Day 2021” held on Friday (10/29), PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) affirmed its commitment to support government policies in the aim to promote environmentally friendly vehicles.

As a mobility company, TAM strives to provide various mobility options to the community, starting with product, technology and service, including environmentally friendly automotive technology such as Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), Plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV), and Battery electric vehicle (BEV).

Toyota fully supports CO2 tax regulations. The existence of these regulations is a form of the seriousness of the government’s efforts to reduce the carbon emissions that are the cause of global warming and climate change in order to achieve a better future for life. This support was conveyed by the CEO of TAM Susumu Matsuda who was present at the digital activity of TAM Electrification Day 2021.

“We truly appreciate the seriousness with which the government pays attention to advancements in vehicle technology, including electrification vehicles, in a joint effort to protect the environment for a better future. Therefore, Toyota has basically the same understanding as the government regarding the objective of the CO2 tax. regulation, ”Matsuda san said.

Toyota itself has led emissions reduction movements long before regulations set by the government by adopting technologies that reduce emissions, ranging from Electronic fuel injection (EFI), Intelligent variable valve timing (VVT-I), Double VVT-I and others. TAM also presented electrified vehicles with HEV, PHEV, technology to BEV via two channels Mark Toyota and Lexus.

“In the long term plan, in addition to adding a range of environmentally friendly technologies, we will also make improvements to ICE technology to reduce emissions levels,” said Henry Tanoto, vice president by TAM. (S-4)


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